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  1. how do you know for a FACT that the person is not a threat, you don't. the person just broke into a residence WITH people in it, you have no idea what their intentions are. they could be sitting at the dining room table watching sponge bob in a onsie and that doesn't mean they are not a threat to you. the charges wouldn't stem from the arriving officers they will come from the detectives and the prosecutors office. the arriving officers could be fine with it, but who knows what if anything the detectives/prosecutors could/would charge you with
  2. my dept has 10 steps for every rank. when you get promoted to the next rank you drop down 3 steps. so if you are a step 8 officer you drop down to a step 5 sergeant. then if it takes you 2 years to make Lt. you drop down to a step 4 Lt. every step is a new salary base.
  3. i'm surprised DaTruth didn't chime in with his ever so intelligent thoughts
  4. just got the letter from my town today that both my P2P's are in. took 26 days.
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