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  1. So sorry man.....Just about the hardest thing I've ever had to do. ....ironic,because he was a evil little bastard.
  2. I especially liked the Molle mounting clip and have it secured on the inside strap of my back pack.
  3. Excellent belts, I have 2...one for work and another for jeans, Double thick,vegetable dyed . I CCW'd a J frame {not exactly a light sidearm} with a Lil Foxx IWB holster and it was more than up to the task.
  4. Childhood nick name after a West Indian spirit.......
  5. Thanks.....Ill hit up my local shoe repair for the Mink oil....I sprung for the soft backing on the holster so there is no real abrasive or rough surface on the skin side but firearm side remains a bit abrasive...at the same token I don't want to condition the leather with anything that would discolor or compromise a stainless finish.
  6. Got my Utah carriers and heading cross country to San Antonio and New Orleans in the spring so was in the market for a low profile IWB holster for my J frame. FOXX holsters were recommended on another forum and i sprang for their "Little Foxx" IWB leather/Kydex rig that costs $35.00 shipped. been breaking it in around the house and with what scant experience I have with CCW I am quite happy with the fit,finish and comfort of this rig. Anyone have experience with FOXX holsters and what can I use to soften the leather with that won't mar the finish on a satin stainless revolver?
  7. Forget the busted tail light.......I would have pulled them over just for driving a "purple Cadillac" While it wasn't published wanna bet the car and occupants were from some southern state?
  8. I have a Squirrel condo {acorn tree} in my front yard that has a abundance of acorns and residence among it's branches....so much so that they have taken to the sport of throwing nuts at me and my family while we attempt to enjoy a alfresco morning coffee while chattering loudly,accosting us on the front step while on the way to work and I swear left stuttering voice mail mocking me on my cell phone.......or perhaps it was the local democratic mayoral candidates... but either way... I would dispatch their sorry little mangy asses with my air rifle if it weren't for all my neighboring geriatric PETA contributors who seemingly never sleep.
  9. Monroe being one of them....................90 days is all you get.
  10. Usually 6 to 8 per firearm {I hate reloading during expensive range time} but lately I've been buying some harder to find 15 round mags for my CZ's as T Bill implied...we don't know what the next NJ governor's agenda will be but I'm pretty sure some form of Firearm legislation will be forthcoming,limiting mag capacity perhaps being one of them.
  11. Only Firearm related apparel would be a CZ USA,Palmetto Armory and AIM surplus base ball caps.
  12. As many have posted already.....shoot as many firearms as possible. Don't discount revolvers as they are solid,simple,classic and great fun to shoot. Stick to as few calibers as possible simply for economy and ease of storage and adaptability. If considering a HD firearm include the preferences of your significant other..... {ease of racking,grip size,recoil,SA/DA,weight} Consider magazine and up grades cost {sights,springs,holsters,grips} and availability especially in NJ's 15 round law when purchasing a semi auto firearm..... you'll catch the bug to modify your firearm soon enough so weigh your options. Good luck and happy shooting.
  13. While you and many are ecstatic that the NRA's has finally acknowledged that New Jersey even exists and is a hot bed for egregious 2'nd amendment violations.... I on the other hand believe it to be too little too late. So share with your family and friends...rail against the injustice and sleep well in the fact that the NRA has finally tossed us a bone...and a well gnawed at one at that. I for one save my resources,energy and righteous indignation for my eventual escape from this state and it's boondoggle causes.
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