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  1. We used the person below. Was somewhat closw. Claire Dixon 610-253-3797 910 Morgan Hill Rd Easton, PA
  2. If you were on the American side.. Fort Niagara and some damn good wings at Apple Granny in Lewiston.
  3. @BobA Got one too. Not disappointed at all. @82ndAbnRVN Only looking to sell. New fund - find place/home to retire to and move out of NJ. Prices dropped on all guns...
  4. Actually, kudos to you Bob. It was one of your posts that led me to buy the 686 SSR used at Classic Pistol. Thanks!
  5. Hi Drez. 686 SSR, 686+ 6" and if intetested, 625, 617 or 929. I am a member at EFGA.
  6. This company helped me out when I had to go through a nightmare with the DEP caused by another removal company at my fathers house. http://careremediation.com/
  7. EFGA - I always bring at least one .22 in case the other ranges are crowded or closed. Nice place with numerous pits. Just up 309 off 78 https://guthsvillerodandgunclub.org/
  8. Red Breast whiskey Stone Totalitarion Imperial Russian Stout
  9. S&W Mountain Guns 45 Colt (625-6), 45 ACP (625-6), 44 Magnum (629-5) and 41 Magnum (657-4)
  10. New Jersey Makes, Trenton Takes!

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