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  1. Vinny are you still offering a dicount for the Dillon presses. Thanks
  2. Morning all, I have a 2003 Bass Tracker and would like to have it painted. Finding it difficult to find someone, can anyone recommend someone that paints aluminum boats? Thanks much for the help
  3. Looking for some opinions on this thumb hole stock for my Saiga 12. NJ legal? Sorry for the link could figure out how to upload the photo. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks http://www.amazon.co...om%2FB00907591O
  4. SS when back to 6.4 as of 2013, definitely see a difference and the sad part is they aren't done yet, more taxes coming!
  5. EENEZ

    Sig SP2022

    Hey all, have a problem and looking for some direction or opinions. I recently purchased a Sig SP 2022 9mm (thanks Tony great service and price!) that I want to change the sights on but it appears no one has the tool locally (Tips, Shore shot or Brick Armory to install the sights, guess its not such a popular model but I love it! I don't want to ship it off to Sig nor do I want to spend $200 plus for the tool online. Any recommendations on how to put my new truglow sights on? Any and all help would be greatly appreciated
  6. Ok dont laugh but TJ's? havent heard of them. what am I missing and where are they located? Thanks
  7. Was in Maryland last week on a business trip so I decided to stop by Bass Pro Shops, pricing was a bit cheaper then Dick's in New Jersey but it was sure nice to load your cart and walk to the register , pay and walk out without having to provide any sort of ID.
  8. I currently have a permit in and on average it takes 90 plus days Grrrrrrrrr! so much for the 30 days rule............
  9. Been lurking for a while and finally decided to join. I found the site on Google looking to decipher the gun laws of the :thsmiley_deadhorse: "republic of New Jersey" and was please to get some sort of understanding from your forum topics. Thanks and keep up the great job
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