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  1. Gotta love those Talon Grips ;-)
  2. My gen 4 g19 has been a workhorse.. I have both springs, no.3/no.4.. The no.3 spring feeds all ammo no problem, but i at least perceive SLIGHTLY more recoil than on the stiffer no.4 spring.. No.4 spring was picky with ammo on day 1, but after it got broken in was much better unless i was running really weak range ammo (IE, PMC, or blazer brass).. I love the gun though, reliable accurate and compact..
  3. Holy crap... So you're not ALWAYS rude! #impressed.. lol
  4. This is hilarious... Trying not to LOL at work.. "My “Black-Ops” history ensures that you will never know about the missions I accepted in my younger days, and Vietnam still shudders when it hears the name of a an assasin so skillful and deadly, he is remembered decades later."
  5. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Lunker I will seeya there on Tuesday.. Let me know what time to be there...
  6. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Yah was really nice meeting you guys.. That Sig was a really nice piece, my gf loved it. (She loves all expensive things, ROFL) So far pretty much everyone gun buff I've met at SS has been cool people.. I think we're gonna go to the range today for a bit.. @Lunker, I can shoot over there tomorrow also if you don't mind to check out the CZ.. I'll bring some ammo for the sucker..
  7. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Nj is hilarious.. It's funny when a compact gun has more round capacity than a full sized gun.. Buy a g19 and get 15 round mags, buy a g17 and get 10 rounds.. This state sucks!
  8. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Not really sure if I would go with a full size one.. I tend to shoot compact guns better than fullsize semi's for the most part. Not exactly sure why, but I can shoot a full frame revolver just fine...
  9. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Well you wanted pics.. Here's some pics.. A few old ones and some new ones with mods.. Sorry for pic quality, used my Thunderbolt for pics..You guys should be able to see the titanium finish on the striker and safety plunger, very nice parts. I really love those talon grips, they give you a solid solid grip on the gun and def help fill up those finger grooves. Snap to install and they remove cleanly. The magpul plates look cool but the big advantage in a SHTF scenario is that you can hold a mag using the extension on your support hand while being able to shoot the gun at the same time.. Guns a lil dirty, haven't had time to give it a bath.. lol
  10. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Oh that's cool man.. Talon grip is really a big difference maker for those finger grooves.. I installed a few new parts on the g19.. LS titanium striker & plunger, extended slide stop, magpul ranger plates, and a glock '-' connector.. I'm not fully happy wiht the trigger pull yet, but it's an improvement.. Thanks for being cool to us, my gf really loved that sig of yours...
  11. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Ahhhh ok ok.. I took a look at your 10mm S&W... Things a beast!
  12. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Hah.. Were you next to me? Gen4 g17?
  13. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    Nope.. I was prob right next to you guys, lol.. I was shooting my g19 with my girl..
  14. MarcS

    CZ 75 p-01

    That's cool, I really appreciate it!.. I'm there at ShoreShot often, and was there last Tuesday.. Did you happen to be around last week for the Glock .40 kb?
  15. Hornady Critical Defense 9mm 115gr... Seems like a popular choice here..
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