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  1. Why would you not just adjust the rear sight instead of the front? I thought the rear sight was the one you adjust for windage?
  2. Good review, and great gun. I got mine about 2 weeks ago. Put 525 rounds of CCI Blazer bulk thru it, and also not one FTF or FTE. I also found the sights to be way off target, so my next time to the range I'll need to spend an hour adjusting to perfection. But WOW, what a gun ! Count me as VERY impressed !!!!
  3. Thanks for the feedback, Tony. Surprised they release these guns with the sights that far off center.
  4. Hi Eddie....No problem, and good question. I could vary in my accuracy, but again at only 7 yards to be off at least 1 to 1.5 feet? Shouldn't be anywhere near that inaccurate. Also, i rested the gun on the table for about 8-10 shots to see if it was any better .... same thing. So while I agree there is always an amount of shooter variation, at 7 yds its almost impossible to be that bad. :-) LOL
  5. Thanks to ALL for your speedy, detailed, and informative responses !!
  6. Should I ever want to swap one handgun for another (trade with somebody), is this something that can easily be done? Or do I need another permit to do this? Also, I assume it all has to go thru a FFL to keep it legal? Let me know....thanks, Dbl E GT
  7. Well, we actually were running two guns.... a 9mm Beretta 92A1, and the M&P 22. It was myself and my two children. Actually it took us about 1 1/2 - 2 hours to go thru 525 rounds of .22 and 150 rounds of 9mm. The kids were practically fighting over the new .22, and with .22 ammo so cheap, it was great not to have to worry about the costs of shooting. You certainly at least think about the cost with the 9mm. ALOT of fun, and the kids loved it too !
  8. The Beretta 92A1 is a total quality gun! Very pleased with it, and it is EXTREMELY accurate. I plan on "tuning" the sights on the M&P 22 on my next range trip to mirror the accuracy of the Beretta. The gun has a relatively large grip and fits my (larger) hands perfectly, which was the first thing I loved about it. Also, I have the Italian version.
  9. Thats funny, I have the Talon Grips also, just haven't put them on yet. Was it hard to install? Do you have a picture you can post of your gun with the grips?
  10. Hi Maksim - Maybe I'm used to the Beretta, but when I point the Beretta and shoot, it is totally dead-nuts accurate. The M&P 22 was not like that today. The first test I did was at 7 yards. Should be pretty easy to get your sight picture, then shoot. The bullet should go at least about where you were aiming, and at 7 yards, at worst, should be off maybe 6 inches (again, at worst). My M&P 22 was off like 1-2 feet !! Seemed like it was going hard left. I was using a splatter target which helped me see where I was hitting. I then intentionally pointed quite a bit right, and it then hit the splatter target. Again, this was at only 7 yards !!! Shouldn't be happening. Can only imagine how bad at 15 and 20 yards. :-) I had both kids with me today, so I didn't have time to zero in the sights.....had to keep my eyes on them :-) Was merely happy to shoot it today to get the feel and see how well it handled 525 rounds, then the next time I will do the adjustments.
  11. My new Smith&Wesson M&P 22 performed absolutely STELLAR today on its first outing at the Easton Fish & Game Range. Ran through an entire box of CCI Blazer bulk pack (525 rounds) to break it in. Smooth shooter, very high build quality, and incredibly well weighted and balanced. Oh, and NOT ONE FAILURE TO FEED OR FAILURE TO EJECT !!! I'm extrememly pleased the way it ran today. The only thing is that the sights need to be fine-tuned and adjusted so that they shoot accurate. Right now they are WAY off ..... not even close. The next time I go to EFGA, I'll spend an hour and zero in the sights to perfection. I plan on taking my son's bi-pod and attaching it to the picatinney rail so that I'll have better control while I fine-tune the sights. Anyway, VERY pleased with the M&P 22. Anyone on the fence regarding this gun should get off the fence and just get it....YOU'LL LOVE IT !!!!
  12. Took my brand new Smith&Wesson M&P 22 to the EFGA range today in Easton PA to give it a thorough workout. I put an entire box (525 rounds) of CCI Blazer bulk pack thru the gun, without a single FTF or FTE. I actually expected to have at least a few failures, but not a one !! In summary, I can conclude that this is a VERY fine weapon, and an absolute joy to shoot. I am extremely impressed with this gun's build quality, shootability, sights, and general overall feel. One thing that I need to do is fine-tune the sights.....they are way off. I'll do that on my next range trip. Also took my Beretta 92A1, and ran 150 rounds through it.....also without a single FTE or FTF ! Both are AWESOME guns !! Here are some pictures of both guns:
  13. Well, I FINALLY found a dealer with the new SW M&P 22, and bought it. Proud new owner, and looking forward to many thousands of rounds going down the pipe !
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