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  1. Troy Battle AX stock, grip, buffer tube and accessories. BNIB. The first to post I’ll take it wins the sale. $50 Shipped $60 shipped $75 picked up, $80 Shipped. Berlin, NJ 08009.
  2. Part number and dimensions in the images. Came with a gun I just bought and I have no need. $35 pickup only in Berlin, NJ 08009. Firdt to post I’ll take it wins the sale.
  3. Thinking $45 $35 for the lot? Open to offers, not really sure what’s going on in the shot shell market right now. Did a bunch of patterning a few years ago thinking I might hunt. Didn’t happen, sticking to paper. Number of shells left are in bright yellow. Two boxes are not full. Details are in the pic, pickup Berlin, NJ 08009. 1st to post I’ll take it wins the sale.
  4. Let’s talk about offers on this, super accurate and super cheap and just a pleasure to shoot. Versatile as well, take it on your dream Elk hunt or just plink in your back yard. The choice is yours as this will do just about anything you need a 22lr to do.
  5. Okay, SPF. I'm DM you and figure out how you want to pay, etc.
  6. 12.5 is the official designation there’s a tape measure in one of the pics to give you guidance.
  7. There are two 44 sets and one 38 set. $40 shipped per or make me an offer via PM. I stand by my scarcity mentality for most of us in this forum regardless of actual scarcity of said product. They could suddenly become scarce again making you unable to ever reload these calibers forever. You willing to take that chance? As B Franklin said, a bird in the hand is worth two bushes in the ground.
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