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  1. Nothing stopping you from having a backup just in case you lose the one you just bought!
  2. Selling two of my Benchmade knives, never seen hard use but carried a good amount. Been sharpened on a Wicked Edge system matching original grind angles so they're in pretty good shape beyond the pocket clip. 940 Osborne - consistently in the running as one of the top edc knives out there, S30V steel, green aluminum handle and satin finished blade. $120 shipped, $115 picked up. SOLD Griptilian - 154CM steel half serrated blade. $85 shipped, $80 local pick up. $70 Shipped, $65 picked up. Berlin, NJ 08009
  3. Outside of an OTF Auto I feel the Benchmade Axis locks are the closest you can get to truly one hand opening AND closing. There's lots of knives that open one handed but very few that are truly easy to close with just one hand. I've only carried Axis Locks for the last few years for that reason, decided to get fancy and buy a Chris Reeve Sebenza with with Insingo blade and while using this weekend cut myself closing it one handed while on a ladder. Back to Benchmades for me... full size plain sebenza with almost no use may be up for sale soon! I paid ~ $85 for a Benchmade Griptilian on sale a few years ago (can't remember where). Regular street price you can find them for $100 pretty easily depending on steel.
  4. Gel pads make a significant difference as well as what eye protection I use. I've switched all my eye protection to ESS Crossbow Suppressors when I'm using ear muffs due to the flat temples, the combination is just awesome. Here's a link to the eye pro that has finally made a full day at the range tolerable. https://www.esseyepro.com/Crossbow-Suppressor-ONE_287_detail.html
  5. I'm looking to trade the following for 40 caliber brass. 45 ACP - 1 full gallon bag, looking to trade for 2 full gallon bags of 40 caliber 44 Mag #130 pieces/44 Special #190 pieces, looking to trade for 1 full gallon bag of 40 caliber GONE! 7.62 x 39 #150 pieces, looking to trade for 1 full gallon bag of 40 caliber I'm in South Jersey, Berlin, NJ, 08009 and looking for local meet up or possibly willing to ship. Would also entertain purchase of larger amounts of brass if you have some but it would have to be cheap!
  6. I'll have to look at the box this weekend, I called them and they told me what to purchase and it worked perfectly.
  7. Ruger Precision Rifle Gen II in 6.5 Creedmor and Razor Gen II 4.5 - 27. Badger rings and Aadmount caps, bipod is not included and only for pics. 190 rounds fired, comes with 190 pieces of spent brass and 110 rounds of unfired Hornady 140 ELD. Three magazines. Have dope out to 1000 yards and it's a shooter, just don't use it that much. $2,700 Berlin, NJ 08009
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