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  1. TTM dueling tree, x6 6” targets. Works well was and has held up well. $115 picked up Berlin, nj. First to post take it wins the sale.
  2. 40 caliber, somewhere around 3k rounds. It’s a tack driver for sure just not shooting pistol anymore. Will come with 5 Atlas magazines. $4500. Would trade for a few things plus cash to depending on deal. Things I’d trade for - ZCO scope or TT scope depending on reticle. Maybe some Swaro EL or NL 12x binocs. Also consider Vudoo V22 action. First to post take it wins. I’ll travel to any FFL of your choice in NJ. I’m located in 08009.
  3. No, but depending on how many you want I’ll drive a little to meet half way. DM if you wish to discuss.
  4. Bringing this back in case anyone is interested in attending. Sign up for the match is below - https://practiscore.com/quinton-tactical-benchrest-may-2023/register These matches have taken off this year and is now part of the official MARS series where you can accumulate points if you wish. Also expanded the venue to include Bridgeville Rifle Club that's holding their match on the 20th. https://practiscore.com/bridgeville-rimfire-tactical-benchrest-match-may-2023-1/register Here's link to the MARS information page if anyone cares to explore a little more. https://modernamericanrimfireseries.com/tactical-bench-rest/
  5. Here’s the match book if you’d like see details. It may seem a little complicated on paper, however all stages will be thoroughly explained and reviewed prior to shooting with plenty of coaching on the clock for those who want it. Quinton Tactical Benchrest 1022.pdf
  6. Quinton Sportsmen's Club is part of the Modern American Rimfire Series and will be having their first "Benchrest Tactical" match this coming Saturday, October 22nd. This match is intended to give newer shooters (or experienced) a way to get into the Precision 22lr game without the pressure of shooting from all the positional stuff that is normally required. We will have the match set up like a typical NRL22, PRS22,MARS match but all shooting will be done from the bench. This will provide a non-intimidating and safe way to see if this is something you're into. I've shot a bunch of competitions over the years and this has become my absolute favorite discipline, it's like plinking on steroids! All targets are reactive steel and sized appropriately for a beginners match. Details can be found practiscore (search Quinton), web - quintonmars.weeble.com, or Instagram - quintonmars-prs What you need - 1. 22lr rifle that is magazine fed, this is for safety as tube fed is just too hard to ensure that the rifle is in an unloaded/safe condition 2. Scope that allows you to dial or hold over for ranges of 35 to 200 yards 3. Dope or a ballistics calculator that provides reasonable dope at these distances (there's a lot of cheap phone based apps that provide this very accurately with little input needed) 4. Chamber flag or safety device to show that your rifle is safe when not shooting 5. 120 rounds of 22lr There will be enough shooters there to share any and all other equipment that you may need to get you through your first match. If you're struggling there will be lots of help and I'm sure a rifle or two to share if yours is giving you a hard time. Sign up between 8-9, Zero between 8:30 and 9, Brief and walk through at 9, shooting begins at 9:15. Match fee is $20 for non-member, $15 for members, and $10 for juniors. If you've ever thought of giving these 22lr matches a go this is your chance!
  7. 34mm 1.0” height. Used for one match and just too low for my aging neck. $125 no scratches or dings that I can see. Pickup Berlin, NJ 08009. First to post I’ll take it wins the sale.
  8. Remington 700/Clone SA Right Hand Newest model with addition of 1) Taller cheek riser and 2) quick detach cheek riser. Comes with all the original stuff. Used for ~10 MARS matches with a Vudoo. One search I can see on the outside that I tried to capture in the pic. Overall really nice shape. Pickup Berlin, NJ 08009 first to post I’ll take it wins the sale.
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