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  1. Ray

    Federal Firearms Co. Inc.

    After hours of research I have come to find out that it is a rebarelled polish mauser that has since been sporterized. All work was done by a company( Federal Firearms) in PA. Now time to get to work on it and send some lead down range...
  2. I am checking one out for a friend. It is a model K29 as far as what is stamped on the side of the receiver. It is in 30.06 cal and in pretty nice shape. I will be doing a full teardown and cleaning prior to installing a new scope and rings for him. Any specs, literature or places to get parts would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Good Job killing them off.... Bad news for NJ fishing when they hit full steam.
  4. Trout and I started shooting when were some where around the 5-6 year old range... As some one posted earlier it really depends on the child.. Some have the mindset to be able to wrap their head around what you are teaching them. I think that as long as you go into it with an open mind, realizing that it will be a learning experience for you as well as them you will be fine... Don't forget to make the first experience pleasurable for the child and that will foster the desire to do it again. small interactive targets such as plastic water bottles and the like work great for that. The 22 is the perfect gun to start a child with, as they can shoot a lot of rounds with little felt recoil. Good luck and enjoy...
  5. There are few places left where one can enjoy an adult beverage outside with out it being a problem. I also believe that middlesex county has the only park system in the state where you can apply for a beer and wine permit to consume legally. No where in NYC are you allowed to possess or consume an open container in an public area. I know it sux but that is the way it is... If you do it you are taking the chance of getting a summons...Good luck, hope that this helped.
  6. He can own a mini 14 with a small mag....no ar's or any variants....garands are ok with bayonet lug removed or"Covered" and he can buy adapted mags for it at rosebank gun shop in staten island near the bridge...
  7. I used to compete with one of 'em in .308 in the mid to late 90's and let me tell you it shot like a dream. I wish I had that rifle today....enjoy the rifle for what it is. A truly nice shooter...
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