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  1. Back when I used to be into off-roading, the common suggestion was to keep a few cans of dog food in your truck in addition to whatever else you packed. The idea was that if you got stranded, foods you enjoy like energy bars will be eaten quickly as much out of boredom and anxiety as anything else. Dog food? You won't eat that until you absolutely need to.
  2. Time to do a long overdue cleanout and want to rent a dumpster in Western Morris county. Anyone here in that business or have a recommendation? As always I'm looking to support 2A friendly businesses/individuals. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have a 2001 Taurus wagon that has been darkening the driveway for a few years. Time to get her gone. Before I go the Craigslist route, I wanted to see if any 2A friendly brethren would be interested. Not looking for any $ if it's going to someone here. For anyone interested, it has no rust or body damage, but it's a bit crusty from sitting so long. Ran fine when parked due to an external coolant leak from the timing cover which freaked my wife out. When the coolant hit the exhaust it would steam off and she was afraid it would explode. Could probably be powerwashed, fixed and driven again but I'd expect to put some money into it for it to be reliable. Hasn't moved in at least 3 years. Could be more. Has a little over 100K miles on it, but these cars are known for weak transmissions so... Want it gone quickly and have the title. Let me know if there is any interest. I'm located near the Rockaway Mall.
  4. Thanks for the replies. I wasn't aware that Uhaul rents full trailers like that. I think that's how I'll go with this one.
  5. Looks like I'm ignoring all common sense and buying a non-running project car. If I pull the trigger, I'll need it flatbed towed about 55 miles from approx Tappan, NY to Rockaway, NJ. There's no tolls between the two places and it is mostly highway (Palisades to 287 to 80) I'd really like to flatbed it. If not, I can rent a dolly, pull the driveshaft and tow it with my brother's Silverado. If you're interested, PM me or reply here with an idea on the cost. Thanks.
  6. Keep in mind that just because no inspection is required, it doesn't mean you can't be cited for things that violate MV code. For example, NJ hasn't included cracked windshields in inspection for years, but a LEO can still write you a ticket for one. Same goes in this case for illegal tint, missing front plate, burned out bulbs, excessive noise, etc. Exemption from inspection does not equal exemption from the law.
  7. I haven't put in for a permit in a couple of years, but my town definitely contacted my employer every time I applied. They mailed a full reference form that was essentially identical to the personal reference form. It was a hassle, because I worked for a giant multinational that crapped their pants about everything. They do not confirm employment and use a 3rd party service. Every application was delayed while the police waited for a form that was never coming. Each time the detective would tell me he made a note in my file and each time they would wait for the letter to come back. I reminded the detective each time, he would say, "oh yeah," and still send the reference. On the second or third reminder call they would finally accept no response and process my permits. Most of the cops were pretty pleasant to deal with, but it still delayed me by a couple weeks each time.
  8. That's the key. An "anti" is someone who has a strong position against guns, not someone who simply doesn't know any better. At least the way I use the term. You can usually figure out which you are talking to in about 15 seconds.
  9. It is a complete waste of time to argue anything with someone whose opinion is based upon fear and emotion. They will only accept "facts" which support their view and dismiss all else. They will discount any sources of information you present as biased, unverified, out of context or plain wrong and counter with their own which are to be taken as gospel truth. Why invite such frustration into your life?
  10. Since I'm in favor of eliminating the whole illegal, pointless FID card nonsense in the first place, my answer would be crazy talk.
  11. How long does the motor run before it trips?
  12. I've got a broken car in Morris county I want gone. Any recommendations for a scrapper or whoever that might pay partial scrap value for it? Nothing special, an old Chrysler Concorde that doesn't run. If I can get it out of the garage today, I want it gone today or tomorrow. I have no way to tow it to a scrapyard myself so that's not an option.
  13. Tell your friend to get it expunged. There is absolutely no reason not to. It is not difficult and there is no need to hire a lawyer. He just needs to follow the instructions to the letter. Send him here: http://www.state.nj.us/corrections/pdf/OTS/FRARA/Parole%20Handbook/10557_expunge_kit-11-2012.pdf
  14. You didn't answer my question. If you went back 6 weeks later (after having paid in full for the handgun) and the price had gone up by $50, would you have paid the extra?
  15. Just curious, if when you went back to pick up the M&P it had gone up in price by $50, would you have have paid extra for the XDM? I can fully understand passing on the XDM, but boycotting the store forever because they stuck to the deal you both agreed to seems a bit extreme.
  16. You guys do understand that these businesses have overhead, right? Salaries,rent,electric bill, health insurance, etc. They pay these regardless if they are having a great year or a horrible one. How do they pay these bills next month when they can't get their hands on any more ammo? When supply is lowand demand is high, the market clearing price goes up. The retailer is just one part of the equation. The manufacturers did not increase supply. The public went on a buying frenzy. Pointing the finger solely at the retailer is somewhat dishonest. Do you guys remember what .22lr was selling for on Armslist and Gunbroker from the hoarders? Yeah, people bought it. Why should CTD sell it cheap so that others can turn around and triple the price? Especially when they don't even know when they will be able to get more. I don't buy from CTD because they suck in many other ways. I do not hold their prices against them as some kind of personal vendetta. They choose their market strategy and I choose my buying strategy. If I so desperately needdd .22lr that $90 a brick was acceptable I would have been damn glad that I could get it. At $20 a brick it would not have still been there. Don't like the prices? Don't buy. That's what I did. Mostly...
  17. Lottery is not a factor. I'm working on moving somewhere where more of my fellow citizens share my values. Lottery would just change the timetable.
  18. Thanks, guys. I'm going to see if I can go check the area out next month and see how it looks.
  19. Don't waste time and energy trying to chase them on social media and such. The way to thwart these people is to disrupt their livelihood and that of their supporters. When people like Mayor Scott Jackson and Fire Chief Denis McCarthy start losing elections due to the conspicuous efforts of 2A supporters, the power structure of the anti movement will wither. This is all they understand. Politicians are riding the gun control tide to further their careers. When this tactic backfires and they start losing their jobs, the rest of their ilk will scurry from it like the corrupt rats they are. Just look at how many democrats have distanced themselves from the very Obama policies they endorsed a few years back. Now that things like Obamacare have experienced a huge backlash, they see any association with it to be a liability. We must make association with anti-2A policies the same. Big businesses must be conspicuously rewarded by us for resisting the anti's efforts and just as conspicuously punished by us when they cave. There is a very small, hardcore group of crusaders who are enabled by those who wish to gain something. When they see that this is a rocky road, they'll get off at the next exit.
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