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  1. Wow this whole tax thing is ridiculous and yet one more reason to get the heck out now lol
  2. Sounds like the general consensus on this is a positive one ... I'm looking forward to be the guy down the road encouraging people to make the jump lol.
  3. Exit tax? We rent ... we're gone lol
  4. Lol already made reservations with the mother and best friend for monthly shipments lol
  5. Got lucky enough that we are both going to keep our current jobs and work remotely ... after a few months I'll start my job search out of Charlotte. I could've picked anywhere and this is a compromise between mine and my wife's preferences lol.
  6. Never! It's like a badge of honor lol
  7. It's bittersweet but most of what I'm going to miss in individuals I grew up with a family. Outside of that I think it's a great move.
  8. So I finally decided to make the jump from Jersey as my wife and I are currently in the process of closing on a house just outside Charlotte. Tastes like freedom, kind of ... S.C. is a m7ch more conservative state compared to its northern neighbor but I need to be within reach of a city for work. Seems a lot less big brother ish in comparison to NJ though, I'm also positive all of my arms will be legal there as well. It's bittersweet as NJ will always be home but man it feels good to break the chains a little.
  9. Nothing worse than a gun you can't enjoy, I've had a few like that for me including my M&P 9mm (my first ever purchase) can't really shoot tight groups with that at all. I've heard early production. M&p's have some accuracy issues but it's my first gun so I just can't sell it for sentimental reasons lol. I might upgrade the trigger and barrel over time and hope that fixes it cause the thing has been nothing but reliable. I hope your next purchase works out better for you and that I have better luck with this little shooter than you did. ::cheers::
  10. Hey guys, I just picked this bad boy up from heritage in Rahway and I stoked to finally be part of the single stack 9mm club. At first I wanted the 3.3 but reading reviews and watching videos got me leaning towards the 4.0, held it at the shop and I was sold ... oh and the duotone is just too Purdy imo. On a side note, anyone have any recommendations for a place for me to go to a non resident ccw license/permit near the Edison area?
  11. 7-3-2


    Oh so you're saying and actual room dehumidifier and not one made specifically for a gun safe.
  12. 7-3-2


    Do you guys have any recommendations on good affordable dehumidifier options?
  13. 7-3-2


    Yeah I was using thone desiccant cans but that didn't do the job.
  14. 7-3-2


    Im right now living in a basement apartment and unfortunately it has taken a toll on the finish of my beloved firearms and pretty much all of them have developed surface rusto (I've have them oiled and sitting in silicone socks to protect them but to no avail). I'm wondering who has had their arms refinished and what the price point is. One more thing, does anyone locally refinish AND cerakote?
  15. I bought my daughter a bow set for christmas after she enjoyed archery at camp. I dont even have a bow of my own but am looking for a place I can bring her to practice with hers. I do have experience using a bow but thats from when I was younger, does anyone know of any local range stat I can bring her to? I checked heritage in branchburg but they require that she has passed a course.
  16. So I finally got to use this thing and put 100 rounds through it at lvsc today. I had a few problems where the last round from the magazine tube wouldn't load into the chamber, I would load three and only shoot two then reload to avoid this issue. It also came back very very dirty but that's not a huge issue. I'm not sure if the feeding issue was due to the ammo being target loads or not so I'll have to try this thing out a bit more and update you all accordingly.
  17. I'm just looking to possibly go out to assunpink tomorrow morning and bring my brother with me for the first time. I'vs always just avoided Sunday hunting cause I know there is some laws againt it. Can anyone give me a yes or no answer on if this is permitted?
  18. https://youtu.be/GwFQwYlAhYs
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