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  1. Anyone in the area process brass specifically 9mm and 223? The guy I used to use is no longer around. He would take my brass clean deprime swage primer pocket and size. Essentially looking for same process
  2. I was unaware there is a limit on max amount you can buy before SP is notified? when did that come into play?
  3. thanks guys.... Thats what I thought/figured but wanted to see what others thought!
  4. Thanks any input on having a 9rd tube in the house but not installing it until outside of NJ and having it removed before coming back into NJ?
  5. Hey guys i am having a 3gun shotgun made for me out of a benelli m2. I went to my two local ffl/shops and they are both telling me different info. The smith is offering me tube extension and I’m trying to sort out which option I can do. One ffl is saying it’s 5+1 other is saying 6+1. It’s a semi auto shotgun non pistol grip. What’s the correct capacity? Also living in Nj am I allowed to have a +9 tube and keep it not mounted on the gun unless I’m shooting in pa or else where and would only affix it in the states that allow it and obviously remove it before coming back to nj or is having it in NJ a no no as it’s seen as a possibility to be added.
  6. Thanks for the feedback on the shotgun, Now I just have to find a dealer selling one and at a reasonable price.
  7. Was thinking about adding a new shotgun to the safe and was looking at the Mossberg Magpul shotguns. Anyone have one tried one? Looking for any feedback thoughts on these guys....
  8. Hey Gang I seem to start many of my post off lately with I made the mistake of moving to NJ. Here is my question. I am looking to purchase a flintlock rifle. I am mostly likely going to be purchasing it out of state (pa). Are there any NJ laws that I should know about concerning Flintlock Rifles? I am looking at a Pedersoli Kentucky Rifle or Pedersoli Pennsylvania rifle . I am thinking from reading on here there shouldn't be a need to have any paper work done as its in PA and I shouldn't have to register it in NJ. However it will not be a wall hanger it will be shot frequently. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sincerely Stuck in NJ - Bill
  9. yes I would be in for 4 stubbys let me know if another group buy happens
  10. Hey Gang Does anyone have an H&K MP5 SD .22 LR by umarex? Can anyone give me some insight as to what they think of the weapon? Have you seen any for sale at any shops in NJ? Bill
  11. Thanks for all of the help. I didn't know if they still had bayonet lugs on the rifles...... Thanks again!
  12. Hey Guys and Gals I know many of you have purchased BCM rifles and uppers. So you guys can help me out. I am looking at purchasing this BCM upper http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=BCM%2DURG%2DMID%2D14+MIT12+FDE My questions are what compensator do they offer that is NJ legal? Also aside for the compensator can I have this upper shipped to me or must it go to an ffl to have it inspected and have potential not so nice features on it removed? Sorry for the dumb questions I am relatively new to NJ and still haven't figured out this whole thing. Wishing I had stayed in PA Bill
  13. thanks for all of the welcomes. Do you know of any shops that offer build your own AR? That you can recommend?
  14. Hello All, as the topic title says I am a new member and new to New Jersey fresh from PA. I live in Hunterdon County and was pretty luck to get my FID in a month. I look forward to learning lots here about the many gun laws of NJ! Bill
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