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  1. She called me also on 9/20 but I wanted to add a 3rd pistol to my permit so she held it for me and I qualified the 3rd pistol on 9/21 and dropped it off at the PD and it was sent to court on 9/22
  2. My app was sent to the Court on 9/22 I emailed the clerk doing the permits Kimberly Nye today She replied that it's been received and my GP # is 598. Her email is [email protected]
  3. Just Got a call from Kim at Berkley PD my app mailed to the Court today 57 days since I applied She was great let me hand in a Qual for a third pistol on Wednesday. Hope the restrictions get removed before they get to my app.
  4. I also just waited 45 days for 2 permits executed the first immediately waited 4 days for NICS then bought another pistol that's been sitting at the FFL for a month waiting for the 30 days between handguns that was up on the 12th so permit was executed FFL told me Nics was 7 days behind as of Monday the 12th want to ad this gun to CCW just have to wait for Nics then go qualify again ( This will be my Third qual I'm paying for because of the permit wait time and the 30 days between handguns.
  5. Day 50 I called Berkley Township PD this morning My file is still sitting in a stack waiting for the Chiefs signature was told the same thing last Friday. Kim said I'm probably looking at another week She said there's over 100 Applications. She has not received any info from the Court on any of the Apps already sent in. ZERO PERMITS ISSUED SO FAR IN BERKLEY
  6. At this point the slow rolling may benefit us slightly giving Strike Force a chance to get rid of some of those restrictions before our Permits are issued and we have to go through a bunch of shit to get them amended. I have a pistol I would like to ad I'm wondering how I'm going to have to get that added to my permit and the reason is I had to wait 30 days to execute the permit and now it sits in NICs purgatory that is currently 7 days behind. I also have had pleasant interactions with the Firearms crew in Records at Berkley (Bayville)
  7. Mines been complete and ready for Court since last week but no Phone call yet
  8. My app was turned in 7/29 last Reference was called on 9/6 stopped by the PD today Firearms person said my packet is in the next Batch to go to the Court Next week. She said nobody here in Bayville has gotten a Permit yet the first batch was sent to Court first week of August she said there is only one Judge doing it and one Clerk working on all the apps. I also mentioned the Restrictions She knew nothing about them since none have been issued in Bayville yet she was also under the impression that your firearms would be listed on the back of your permit. Said I would get a call when my app was sent to the Court
  9. On 7/27/22 paid $57.38 in Manahawkin (only a 10 day wait) took prints then 10 min ride to Shooters for qualification $90 then the PO for Money $51 then Bank for Notary Free then CVS for Photos $21 it was a Very Productive day off work Submitted all on 7/29/22 as of 9/6/22 last reference was called don't know if references is the last step before the Court or not Grand Total $219.38 Not counting Ammo and Gas and the $100 or so I spent in Shooters after the Qualification or the $90 I spent on a second qual for a gun I received after the first qual that I added to my App I got a 3rd pistol after that but I may hold out to see if we can amend the permits after to ad guns or if the statute about one permit for all legally owned handguns gets honored
  10. All of the Videos we see on YouTube talking about the proposed ATF rulings on Pistol Braces never bring up Others
  11. I hear that Gazinski is doing both Ocean and Monmouth Unconfirmed
  12. So you think an Other falls outside the NJSP language so no registration required for Others ?
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