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  1. Why does it have to be a Semi why not this Savage 93R TR Tacticool 17 HMR 732-678-6706
  2. I have this 38 Special for $250 Face to Face or $290 Shipped Charter Arms Undercover Lockup is tight and shoots great
  3. I have this Charter Arms Undercover Snub Nose 38 Special Very good condition tight lockup $250 Call or Text 732-678-6706
  4. I got a GSG 1911-22 a few months ago it's accurate functions flawlessly with several brands of ammo looks and feels like a 1911 got it for less then $300 out the door check them out on youtube don't think you'll be disappointed
  5. Optimum length for CCI quiets is 24" in my opinion all you hear is the click of the firing pin striking the bullet 22" is good but 24" is best. Out of a revolver it is quieter than standard ammo but keep in mind that round needs 18" to stabilize that ammo tumbles when shot out of a Handgun
  6. If your anywhere near Bayville I have a case of Champion 90 count 732-678-6706
  7. 9 1/2 large rifle primers not Magnums
  8. I have 462 Remington No 9 1/2 Large Rifle Primers you have something to trade Text me if your interested 732-678-6706
  9. I believe JT Custom is advertising $435
  10. Your FFL needs to pre order them they will not be available to ship until there announced at the Shot Show then you have to wait till the mad rush is over I pre ordered mine about a month ago
  11. Take long to come up with that
  12. Thought I posted this in a Gun Forum guess i'm mistaken