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  1. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Got approved in 13 Days for my AOW
  2. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Ok I submitted my efile Form 1 application and $200 for an AOW at 10pm last night 4/21/22 within 5 min I received my email with my fingerprint cover letter, my CLEO forms and a copy of my Form 1 application. Today I mailed my Fingerprint cards to the ATF and mailed the CLEO the wait begins. Keith
  3. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Do you have a AOW if so have you been questioned about it at the range asking you because you were one off the few that has actually replied to me I appreciate all info you and a few others have given me. Thanks Keith
  4. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Do they still take 8 months the walk through videos I've seen on YouTube claim if you efile the wait is about 5-6 weeks. I got my fingerprint cards just need to get the inkpad I got 4 cards in case I screw up once I get the ink pad I will eFile. Can I get the specs on your AOL in the Pic
  5. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Ok I Have Extras Thank You
  6. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    VFG is not a problem I have several Others They have to have the VFG but I don't think you need one for an AOW but I'll worry about that if I get Approval
  7. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    So to be clear can I AOW an 8.5" 556 upper on a Lower with a sb3 Brace No pinning anything correct ? NO Minimum length or Weight
  8. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Thank You for this Information I put in the ordered for 4 card in case I screw any up but I was under the impression the prints had to be done by an LE agency and Stamped by said agency . Like What I had to go through to renew my Florida Non Resident Carry. Anyway I will efile when I get the Fingerprint cards in Hand. Thanks again and any more insight to this process would be greatly appreciated
  9. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Does it take 8 months with the efile application I heard it was much faster I also cant find a local place that does Ink fingerprints also don't know how to get my hands on 2 FBI fingerprint Cards. When my local PD did Ink Prints they had the cards
  10. Shortfuse

    AOWs in NJ?

    Has anyone else attempted this and got the Stamp. I'm looking to do this for an 8.5" AR but don't see any recent info on this
  11. If your interested in selling just the complete lower text me 732-678-6706 I am also in Bayville
  12. The scope is a Barska 1-8X24 Don't recall the Muzzle Device but it's sold on Ebay It has outside Threads for installation of a flash can type sleeve It currently wears a Slip over short multi port muzzle device
  13. Both of mine are over 26" one is 26.25 and one is 26.50 but if they ban it by Name a Brace is a Brace no mater what your OAL is
  14. Will the Others be exempt from this ban. If you remove the Brace it's no longer an other it's an AR pistol and therefore illegal in NJ. Will we have to put stocks on them and change the barrel to 16" and pin everything
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