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    .22 help

    I love my GSG 1911 22 Full size and weight of a 1911 accurate and tons of fun
  2. Why does it have to be a Semi why not this Savage 93R TR Tacticool 17 HMR 732-678-6706
  3. I have this 38 Special for $250 Face to Face or $290 Shipped Charter Arms Undercover Lockup is tight and shoots great
  4. I got a GSG 1911-22 a few months ago it's accurate functions flawlessly with several brands of ammo looks and feels like a 1911 got it for less then $300 out the door check them out on youtube don't think you'll be disappointed
  5. Optimum length for CCI quiets is 24" in my opinion all you hear is the click of the firing pin striking the bullet 22" is good but 24" is best. Out of a revolver it is quieter than standard ammo but keep in mind that round needs 18" to stabilize that ammo tumbles when shot out of a Handgun
  6. If your anywhere near Bayville I have a case of Champion 90 count 732-678-6706
  7. Your FFL needs to pre order them they will not be available to ship until there announced at the Shot Show then you have to wait till the mad rush is over I pre ordered mine about a month ago
  8. Thought I posted this in a Gun Forum guess i'm mistaken
  9. Jersey Sportsman 118 South Main Street Forked River, NJ 08731 609-756-4322 Bill Malcolm Finally got his FFL Buy and Sell New and Used Firearms, Ammo, Transfers
  10. Want to change my H&R Break open 22 Hornet into a 22 K Hornet looking to Borrow the reamer
  11. If you haven't found anyone yet I have a guy in Brick Al Mann 908-425-5169 tell him you got his # from Keith
  12. Midway sells some parts for the 600 308 recoil might be a little snappy with that rifle
  13. You scored Bro that wood is beautiful good Luck with it what caliber is it
  14. There's a small article on the Remington 600 in the June 2017 Shooting Times if you can find one. If you cant text me I'll take pics of the article and text them back to you 732-678-6706 PS if it's in good condition 399 is an excellent price
  15. I have a Remington 600 in 222 Rem and I love this Rifle such a smooth action and the Dog leg bolt handle for quick cycling mine is very accurate with factory ammo and a tack driver with my reloads they are short and light have Value they were only made for 3 years ending in 1968 the Holy Grail for this Model is the 223 they were only made in the last year of production and only 1200 were made
  16. Don't know about the pistol but I'll give you $3.00 for the Aspirin
  17. Saw the first one when I was 16 or 17 is one of my all time favorites
  18. Is no one here old enough to have seen the Getaway with Steve McQueen and then in no particular order Smokin Aces, Way of the Gun, Heat and 13 Hours
  19. 1-8 Twist 18" Barrel I started with Nosler 62gr Varmigedons for Predator Hunting but very tight chamber and too much pressure was causing swiping across the headstamp so I started using 55gr reloads no more swiping this Caliber out performs the 223 in Speed, Range and Accuracy but if you don't reload it can get expensive to shoot at least until other manufacturers start making it.
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