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  1. Excalibur 1981 The Siege of Firebase Gloria 1989 Das Boot 1981
  2. The 5820 model has a 16.12" plain barrel . The others except the tactical models are 18.5" . Looking to get as compact as possible without any "evil" features this model is 34.25" OAL. The 5820 is a new model and the only issue is the included mags. Need one with no mags or 5 rounders.
  3. I saw that Ruger is offering the ranch rifle in stainless with a 16.12" barrel with a plain muzzle/no threads. If you toss the mags that come with this model it has no evil features .Are there any shops in NJ offering these without the magazines?
  4. Anybody have one of these ? How is the side blast and noise level?
  5. I think this is legal as it comes with the 5 round mag and the only evil feature is the flash suppressor.Anyone here know of any FFL's who have this in stock...? Anyone know for sure about legality of this rifle...? Thanks all.
  6. Rental gun says it all. Don't judge all glocks by this one experince. I own a Glock and it has been very reliable and also very accurate. As with all things mechanical they will eventually wear out. Who knows how many rounds have been thru the gun in question.
  7. i would like to know if anyone here is using either the troy claymore or medieval muzzle brakes?How do you like them?I am thinking of using one of these to make a 14.5" barrel legal.
  8. I am thinking of using one of these to bring a 14.5" barrel to legal length.Has anyone here used one and what do you like or dislike about it? Also Carlsons web site says their mini comp is post ban legal according to the BATF.That one looks like a good fit to a 16" barrel.
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