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  1. Most barrels are cut down to length from blanks - if you explain what you have and what you want, they can probably make it, and fit a bushing to go with it. Worth a call.
  2. Call Clark Custom in Louisiana. Great people, extremely knowledgeable. "Fully Supported Ramped (Clark / Para) barrels ® are available in all popular calibers. Threaded models (T) are threaded .575" - 40 tpi to a length of 2-1/2" from tip of muzzle to fit most cone-style compensators. 1911 .45 ACP Standard Ramp 7" Barrels coming soon." http://clarkcustomguns.com/parts-category/1911
  3. Remember, flare guns are emergency signaling devices. Emergency services will likely respond, and if there is no emergency, you will be subject to (and deserve) all sorts legal repercussions. Now let this thread go back to the grave.
  4. Good video by Jerry Miculek; it's about porting, but watch for the high-speed video showing recoil. And because it's JM. http://youtu.be/Q6dWDFcoFFs?list=PLFWh-_7kw52pt0SC7ih7XhRAgK_Kzc8LQ Takeaway is, the bullet clears the barrel before the slide begins to cycle. Recoil has no effect on POI. In regards to velocity, I've read that in some applications, longer barrels and slower loads (for example, a .38 special out of a 6" barrel at target velocities of 700fps) provide more of a chance for the user to create error, flinching or heeling or in some way moving the gun. It's also possible, at 25 yards, you're unconsciously looking up off the front sight and looking at the target the instant before the shot breaks, which will raise your POI. From loading lots of different lead loads, I've found that different lead bullets shoot to different POI and that's just the way it is. If that target is 25 yards, that's a nice group. I'd adjust the rear sight (if they're adjustable) and write down your adjustment, and call it a day.
  5. Old Bridge also has a great Bullseye 900 league on Monday nights - if anyone wants more info visit the web site http://www.obrpc.org and look under disciplines.
  6. It's impossible to answer a hypothetical question like that. Watch these videos, and then read his books.
  7. Thanks; I wasn't trying to present an opinion on the legality of the brace, and have no desire to wade into that debate. But I can see how my comment could be interpreted that way. This was an interesting thread, and after reading it, I happened to see a current listing on Gunbroker, citing the letter from March 2014. The listing is nothing more than an example of how the Sig Brace is being marketed by gun shops right now, as of January 2015. Personally, I think the Sig Brace is stupid - yet another AR gimmick, and that the typical AR operator would be better served learning how to shoot a standard-length rifle first — but to each is own.
  8. Listing on GunBroker: 7.5" Aero Precision AR-15 Pistol 7.62x39 Sig Brace http://www.gunbroker.com/Auction/ViewItem.aspx?Item=461185647 From the ad: "The ATF has ruled that the Sig Arm brace even when shouldered does not change the AR Pistol from a pistol to an SBR, this is good news for the shooting community, a copy of the letter with the senders info redacted is seen in the last pic."
  9. You can, but the Novas are heavier than an equivalent size 500 or 870. By the time you hang all that tactical junk off it, the question isn't "can you bust clays," but, "can you hit them?" Fun range toy, though. I put several thousand rounds through my M2 and shot a bunch of others - highly recommend all of the Benelli's in the inertia line.
  10. Lead load data. Don't shy away from lead. I've shot a lot of bullets from CJN Casting in Toms River. http://www.cjncasting.com/
  11. $200 to $300 for a Nikon or Leupold, lasts decades, with a lifetime warranty. $100 or $200 for Bushnell, Redfield, or Minox. Those are the only ones I've used and can recommend. After 3 or 4 hours on the range, you appreciate quality glass. Past $300 it's extremely difficult to tell optics apart, at least to my eyes. Also, this Konus looks like it's worth checking out - includes a photo adapter. Haven't used it but looks interesting.
  12. Emails are lazy. Call and be nice, explain your problem, and ask for their help in fixing it - either a ship date, or if the part is not in stock, a credit. Don't forget, there are people on the other end of your order.
  13. Another PA man was recently arrested for stealing two framed photos out of a display case at Trenton-Mercer, and then selling them on eBay. Maybe it's the water.
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