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  1. Hello all, South Jersey shooting club is having our monthly IDPA match this Saturday. Registration starts at 8:15 and hammer down is 9am. If you need help with some gear/equipment let me know and I'm sure we can accommodate you. Steve Lockwood
  2. Results are up at http://nepaidpascores.net/sjidpa/sjidpa_club_master.html It was a great day shooting, see you all next month.
  3. Hello all, We haven't had a match in a few months with myself and the MD being at the Colt 3gun in WV in July. Then in August the MD was ill and I was at Area 8. The MD is still not up to par but we are back on this month. All stages will be built Friday come out and help if you desire around 4pm. Sign in will be Saturday at 8:15 with hammer down at 9. If you are a new shooter come early for a new shooter briefing or if you are available PM me and we can do a walk through/orientation on Friday night. See you on the range, Steve Lockwood www.sjidpa.com
  4. Thats ok I zeroed the classifier too. those pesky no shoots and weak hand shooting.
  5. topton no longer holds uspsa, they went to multigun instead, they call it a tactical match, there is a rifle shotgun match in scheaffertown PA this sunday. as far as gear for IDPA, bring what you have most clubs like getting new people so if its outside the guidelines in the beginning it is no big deal. If I'm attending a match that I can lend you something for I'd be more than happy.
  6. I'll be there as usual. If you haven't shot it before, it is on pavement so sneakers are the way to go for this match.
  7. I'm shooting 3, 3gun majors somewhat local. That is if you consider within 300 miles local. There is a monthly (Tactical) match in Schaefferstown PA as well http://heidelbergsportsmensassociation.org/
  8. That's a pretty good comparison video, nice editing too.
  9. a few friends went hog hunting and deer hunting here and had a great time, plenty of property supposedly more than tioga but i also heard tioga has increase their property since then http://www.northmountainoutfitters.com/index.php?id=directions
  10. ah got ya, when i was shooting 38 super i would go to czcustom.com or to starline directly its about $117/k from them midway and grafs are much more expensive to answer another post 38 super was created as a defensive round, and was admired by Jeff Cooper, one of the first to make it reach its potential by making the brass from cut down .223 and used small rifle primers to maximize its performance in an unsupported barrel.
  11. well i know that auction ended but it was a single stack, youre not going to get the 27+ rounds most open guys will get. for steel it would be nice if you dont mind the tube for the red dot, the comp isnt all that great, but you mentioned a barrel change anyway. here is what i have to say about 38 super. if you are not reloading dont bother with open till you do its not worth it. if you are new to reloading dont load 9 major it can be tricky you really need to know the why and why not for everything like slow vs fast powder, why a certain overall length, barrel config. ie supported chamber possibly openeing up the throat. there is many more but 38 super is much easier to load and make major, there are more powders and you dont have to load long, at least i didnt. super brass is expensive its hard to find used brass so you have to use new and not get upset when you cant find it on the range. it gets worse when you shoot supercomp and starline is always on backorder so you have to buy more than you want to pay for cause you cant risk running out. 9 major is much more finicky and tricky, but when you know the ins and out 9major will be the way to go. so only buy 9major if you are really experienced with reloading, or you have a close friend who is willing to walk you through the steps.
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