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  1. i did 5 rounds with 5.7gr. ill try them when i get a chance and report back. Im ordering some 124gr winchester fmj's & 200gr swc's tomorrow. I'll probally hit up Solomans Friday for some tightgroup or 231 , and play with that. I have been using bullseye since the beginning of time so change might be good
  2. I have the lee & lyman manual. Both are way off from the manufacturer website in terms of starting load
  3. A friend of mine gave me a 2 lbs of Unique, Hercules label not the newer Alliant. Its not red and smells fine. But anyway, Im getting some really mixed reports on the amount of grains for the 115gr 9mm. My Lee modern reloading Manual calls for 5.1-5.8 max grains of unique for 115gr 9mm.From the Alliant website they call for 6.3 gr of unique for the 115gr 9mm. 10% of that gives you a starting load of 5.67 grs if you go by alliant's website. Seems like to big of a difference for me not to double check with others who have loaded the same round.
  4. The troops must be so happy there right now hearing this news. They found him in Northern Pakistan
  5. Use gate code '*21911#' for entry. '*11911#' for exit. Note: The * and # symbols must be entered as above. See you bright and early
  6. http://money.cnn.com/2011/04/28/news/companies/walmart_guns/ So they are bringing it to the stores where hunting is most popular... Being such a condensed state, Im sure there are more hunter per square mile than any other state. most likely bringing back that nice WWB back on the shelves for a nice price
  7. I wondered about this myself. It comes down to survival of the fittest in this situations unfortunately. I know the pharmacies & grocery stores would be the best to be taken as a strong hold first. By taking them over you would have a source of trade but also make you a big target during these times
  8. 5 strings of how many? 8 or 10? i have 4 -10 round mags & 4- 8 rd mags
  9. also check out http://www.missouribullet.com/index.php Im trying them out next week
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