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  1. Keep an eye for Sights and Trigger classes just across the border in PA. https://sightsandtrigger.com Most likely you will have to travel outside NJ to find quality training. Not many of the top trainers come to NJ regularly.
  2. Quick NJ technicality question. Say one has an Other AR that meets the legal requirements, along with a standard AR (16") that is NJ compliant. I have read that one cannot have the components to build an AWB weapon (or SBR) in their possession. Technically though, the above individual is in possession, as he can just switch the uppers and lowers, and would then have 2 non-compliant rifles. Does the "possession of parts/components" only refer to those that are not already part of another complete weapon?
  3. Since I couldn't make the Carbine I class, Joe has transferred my class payment to Pistol II instead. Anyone else signed up for this?
  4. Unfortunately I won’t be able to make this class anymore. Joe has kindly agreed to apply my class fee to the Pistol II class on 6/20. Anyone here going to that class?
  5. Glad you all had a good pistol class today. Look forward to meeting you guys on 6/6!
  6. Just signed up for Joe Riedy's carbine 1 class on 6/6 at Steel City. Anyone else going?
  7. The two sport watches I rotate between... And my dress watch...
  8. There is no reliable 1911 magazine that is see through. Stick with proven mags made from stainless steel such as Wilson Combat or CMC.
  9. I should be able to go. If so I'll bring my Wilson 9mm 1911.
  10. Just wanted to share that the new Raven Concealment Systems Perun holster has been released. Intended to replace the classic Phantom line with a more modular and cost efficient approach. Best of all, it's only $39.99! With this offering, there really is no excuse for people to buy crappy holsters such as Fobus, Serpa, etc. Right now only available for the Glock 17, 19, and 43, but more models will be released. I'll probably have to give it a try soon. I really am not a fan of the dual sweat guards, but I will see if I can make it work. http://soldiersystems.net/2017/11/17/raven-concealment-systems-announces-perun-holster/
  11. Glock, and any gun = dangerous. Because as HE said, there is inherent danger in its capabilities. Just like motorcycles, skydiving, etc. Serpa = unsafe. Qualities that enhance the dangerous capabilities of holster and the drawstroke. Characteristics that do not exist with other holsters. The real question is, why in the world does anyone even consider these holsters anymore? We can continue to have the debate of how safe the holster is to use (even though it's not), but nothing changes the fact that it's still a POS!
  12. It was actually gifted to me by my uncle, who lives in Japan and collects those swords. All I know is that it's a tanto style sword, and that it's older than any of us here, haha. The next time I see him, I'm going to ask him to translate what's written on the permit that is in the left of the picture (in Japan, all swords must have a permit accompanying them).
  13. Not an EDC, but another addition to the collection. Directly from Japan this time. And most likely very well used!
  14. Why does anyone care what OEM sight options Glock offers? None of them are good compared to the plethora of aftermarket choices available today. Also, 3 dots are probably the worst set up when it comes to acquisition speed and alignment.
  15. Ray, you sound like a broken record. After being given multiple examples of how Colt is still relevant, you continue to ignore those facts and spew the same stuff. Comparing Colt to S&W is apples to oranges. They focus on different types of products, and usually for the gun types they both make (like ARs), Colt does it better! What you are doing is the equivalent of someone saying Gibson USA (guitar company) is irrelevant today, because they continue to still make the same products they have made for decades. Have they come out with any earth shattering game changing in recent years? Not really, but they continue to make the same few models that are adored by guitarists, with only minor incremental changes that take advantage of modern technology. Other companies make a wide variety of guitars, including Les Paul copies. However, Gibson still makes the original and best Les Paul.
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