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  1. Parsippany PD (07054) 8/23/19 - Submitted paperwork for 3 permits online 8/26/19 - Both references completed and submitted, received confirmation email stating such 8/28/19 - Received email that criminal history check was completed 9/20/19 - Received email that the permits were done and to wait for contact from my local PD before picking up 9/24/19 - Received phone call from local PD that permits were ready and to bring $6 cash or check to pay for the 3 permits. So, all told, 1 month from start to finish, including weekends. I was secretly hoping that the time between the completed criminal history check and the email that the permits were done would be shorter than 3+ weeks, but it's still an improvement. I'm not smart enough to know whether or not making it easier for us by doing everything online is good or bad in the long run. All I know is that my permits took exactly a month, and I'm not complaining.
  2. On my initial FID about 10 years ago, the gap between the date of the chief's signature and the time I was told the FID was ready was approx. 80 days. I'd have gladly settled for 5 lol
  3. I've been MIA from this site, and firearms in general, for quite a while, but I'm getting ready to apply for more permits. I went on Facebook last night and found a post on my town's PD page (Parsippany) from July stating that they were switching over to the online FARS system. I left a comment asking whether relatives were allowed to be used as references. The PD responded with a quick "no," but they also said they would double check in the morning to see if things had changed. Credit to them for at least being responsive. I mentioned that I know other municipalities allow it now (i.e. East Windsor, per their online instructions that were posted earlier in this thread)... They got back to me this morning that "Per the state form and the NJSP website FAQ, you cannot use relatives as a reference." Has anyone actually used relatives as a reference successfully? I don't really care either way, it's not a problem that I can't, I just find it hard to believe that certain towns allow it and certain towns don't? It's obviously possible that the rules have changed and Parsippany PD doesn't even know it. Just curious.
  4. Checked the Schrade inventory on KnifeCenter, just because that's the manufacturer that I already have, and came across these two at pretty attractive sale prices: https://www.knifecenter.com/item/SCHF42D/schrade-schf42d-frontier-fixed-512-black-1095-plain-blade-brown-grivory-handles-leather-sheath (1095 Carbon Steel blade) https://www.knifecenter.com/item/SCHF40D/schrade-schf40d-fixed-510-black-blade-glass-filled-nylon-handles-with-tpe-overmold-glass-filled-nylon-sheath (420J2 Stainless blade) Both are just over 5" blade, which is a slight, but fairly noticeable difference from the 6.4" on the SCHF9 that I own. But I get lost once you get into types of steel and steel quality.
  5. Resurrecting this from the dead... looking to get more into hiking (nothing too serious, like mountaineering or multi-day through-hikes, but potentially some several mile loops that will take the better part of a day). Are there any new products or new developments that I should be considering when looking at a basic hiking/survival knife to bring with me? As I stated above in this thread, I do have a Schrade SCHF9, but I think that may be a bit large. Thinking something around a 4"-5" blade is probably more manageable. I don't follow/keep up with knives, so any new info. would be great. Looks like there's plenty of options in the $50-$100 range...
  6. He wants ammo sales reported to the state police? GTFO....
  7. My parents pay about $13k, and they don't exactly live on an overly special piece of land. County to county (even town to town) differences are drastic. It's as if some people who are pissed about missing out on the deduct don't seem to care why they're getting that deduct in the first place - an asinine property tax rate. Do you think people would rather pay huge property taxes and get a big deduct, or just pay a lot less in property tax? I know my answer...
  8. PM sent with my order and info. Thanks for taking the time to do this. For the record, I too would prefer a black or gray shirt, and would be willing to pay more for them if that's a future possibility.
  9. Interesting. I’ve yet to handle a VP9, but it’s near the top of my list for next handgun, and the paddle release was one of several reasons why, especially as a left handed shooter. I don’t discount the need/desire for consistency, especially if you’re in the mindset of “training” with your guns rather than just shooting them. For that reason, I think it’s great that this version will have a push button mag release. From what I’ve heard/read, it is an excellent gun, it seems a shame that something like a mag release would be the reason why people couldn’t enjoy it. However, when the time comes, I have a feeling I’ll be purchasing the original version. I also have a feeling I’ll find myself part of the group that prefers the paddle release. Won’t know until I actually try it, just a feeling I have.
  10. Received a small shipment from SG Ammo today (about 1,500 rounds of 9mm). This was my first go around with them. Price was very competitive, shipping was reasonable, and they ship next day. What I really like is that when you're ready to check out, their website has a tool that tells you how much weight you can add before shipping costs go up. So I ended up tacking on a couple hundred rounds without having to pay additional shipping. Hadn't seen anything like that before. Perhaps others do it as well. Will definitely head there first on my next purchase.
  11. Pretty loose interpretation of ass whooping, seeing how Philthy broke a tie with 3 minutes left, and then added two empty netters! Although, truth be told, even though I’m a die hard Devils fan, I had the Over at 6.0 for this game, so those two empty netters didn’t exactly break my heart!
  12. Never smoked myself, but my old man was able to quit via hypnosis about 25 years ago. He says it wasn’t actually “hypnosis,” more like he went to a cigarette shrink for a few weeks and he weened himself off in the process. Has never had a craving since. As others have mentioned, hypnosis didn’t work for them, so your mileage my vary. Without personal experience to draw on, I would agree with most here that cold turkey is probably the best way to attempt it. I would think it essentially just comes down to your commitment to the cause. Whatever you decide, best of luck.
  13. What about the Arex Rex Zero 1? If you're not a Sig fan, I guess you wouldn't like this one, since it's basically a P226 clone, but figured I'd throw it out there, as it seems to be a cost-effective full size. Anyone have experience with it? I also see M&P missing from your collection. I believe their full size 9mm is the M&P9 M2.0... I don't have any personal experience with this line myself, perhaps others do. Ruger SR9 another option. VP9 is most likely next for me - nice to see positive reviews of it here. If not that, probably the P320. More likely scenario is I choose one, then end up with the other as well.
  14. Just FYI, some dealers (in my experience, the bigger “highway dealers”) advertise a car as “Certified Pre Owned” and then try to tack on $1,500-$2,000 to the sticker price to deem it “certified,” saying that that’s an add-on item. The car isn’t certified as is while sitting on the lot. Pure garbage. I bought my car new, but I mentioned to the sales guy that my sister was having a hard time finding a CPO car for this reason. He just shook his head and laughed. Pointed to the lot and said, “There’s one right there. Whatever the price on the window is, that’s the price, plain and simple.” She bought that car later that day.
  15. Received this morning - seemed too logical to not have one. It came with the “Glock/Universal” key already installed and it snapped right on, seems rock solid. I’ve heard that the TLR-1 can take the finish off the PVD in the spots that its clipped on, but I’m not overly concerned with that. Anyone else with P229’s/Legions find that one of the other keys provides a tighter fit? Obviously, I haven’t shot with the light installed yet.
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