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  1. Good evening all.. Not sure if this is the appropriate place to put this.. I am contemplating selling my Generation 3 Glock 27 in .40 ..... Purchased the gun brand new, however the shooting style that I find that the glock has does not mesh well with the style I am used to with my duty Sig. We have a new option to go with that I am more proficient with and looking to sell the Glock to a coworker/friend. The package that I would be selling is as follows: - Generation 3 Glock 27 (approximately 500 rounds fired) Excellent condition - 4 magazines with Pierce extension - night sights - factory case/paperwork - Blackhawk Serpa holster I am looking to see what a "fair" price would be for this package. I know brand new he can get the Glock 27 4th Gen for about $450 plus associated fees/tax. Would appreciate any input..
  2. I know the last thread got sidetracked and hoping we can all get passed it... But just saw this and thought I would post.. Philly Police "Wont look the other way" Just realized that I posted in the NJ Gun Law section.. Thought I clicked on the General Discussion Section.. Please move this if possible..
  3. I understand that a concerned citizen may wish to be there in case something should happen.. But with 2 officer on scene and 1 person being issued you (as the open carrier) put yourself in harms way.. And being that close to the encounter only raises questions.. She should have either gone about her day seeing that the situation was under control or stayed a substantial distance away.. On a side note i believe she is known to press the issues with open carry.. Videotaping police reactions to her carrying a gun.. and videotaping other people's reactions to carrying.. They walk the strip in vegas with their guns out and try to get peoples reactions to them carrying.. Great to express your right.. But certain situations just don't call for it.. No need to walk up on a cop doing a traffic stop and stand there.. That would make anyone feel uncomfortable.. Cops have enough going through their minds during a stop to now have to run 1,000 more "what if" scenarios adding in a possible second shooter from the open carrying, law abiding citizen that just could be having a bad day or had something traumatic happen and not in the right state of mind..
  4. Random is random.. There is no set numbers involved.. If I am driving I can run 1 car here.. 1 car there.. all 4 cars in my surrounding while stopped at a light.. 8 cars here.. 2 cars there.. I dont sit there and say ok well i cant run that car its the 3rd one.. have to wait for the next.. And would be kind of pointless as how could I possibly have a steady way of counting?? for example I could be driving north and see 4 cars go south.. do they count in my "random number count" if i can't see their plate long enough to enter it?? Another FYI.. There is not 1 car or 1 driver that is out on the road that cant be stopped for something.. There is ALWAYS a violation taking place.. before getting on the job I had no idea just how many offenses there are.. if you let someone get out of your car without coming to a full stopat a curb you are in violation.. if you swerve within your own lane you are in violation... there are violations that I still dont even know about.. this damn book they give us is like 400pgs long describing violations..
  5. Also not sure if you read about the Vegas incident.. But its people like that make people uncomfortable with open carry.. Just as a quick background on the story.. A female was out in her neighborhood and saw 2 cops writing a summons to another person.. The female was open carrying and decided to stand and point a camera at the cops within like 20 feet or something like that.. The cops were not having a problem whatsoever with the person they were citing and everything was going fine.. They noticed that the female was taping and were fine and then they noticed a gun.. I understand that she was exercising her right.. But why can't you just let a cop do his job.. Why add more problems then solutions.. So now this cop has to worry about a second person standing there with a gun.. I know we will get back into the whole right to carry.. But aside from that a cop has 2 potential threats now.. The person they are citing and the person standing a few feet away with a gun.. Sure she may be a law abiding citizen or she may be a crazed woman who is waiting for the right opportunity to shoot a cop while he is looking down issuing a summons.. How am I supposed to know?? On top of that let me give you another "what if".. Same scenario only the person getting the citation catches female off guard and is now armed with a gun.. If she wants to open carry fine.. But why can you not just go about your business..
  6. I understand why they compare it but you are right.. They are not the same.. Well at least not with most the guys on this board.. There are some out there that feel that driving is a basic human right but that's for another day lol..
  7. I am not applying this to anything other then 1 comment that was made in comparing a d.l. check to a carry permit check..
  8. Someone compared being checked for carry permit while walking around to being checked for a license while driving.. Theoretically you could be checked 100 times a day for a license by police conducting random plate checks.. As stated the driver may not be the registered owner however the majority of the time the driver is the owner.. Just throwing it out there... Yes we still ask for license, reg, and insurance.. You have to have all 3 documents on you at all times as required by law.. You might be licenses and you might be registered and insured but without them you will get issued.. And without the insurance card your vehicle could be impounded.. On a random plate check it will only say if male or female.. And as I already stated the driver might not be the owner.. But if there is a hit we can run full disclosure and get a picture of the owner depending if MV updated system..
  9. Just a FYI but for those talking about how you don't have you license checked when you pull out your driveway, when making a turn, etc.. You would probably never know if your license is being checked.. Police can do what's called a random plate check.. So when you make that turn I can put your plate in through dispatch or a computer and see if any "hits" come back such as expired license, suspended license, warrants, etc... Just thought I would throw that out there..
  10. I don't think a badge would work lol.. I think that would cause more problems then solutions.. But even in plain view it will come to "Is it real?".. sort of like the guys that drive cars with paper copies of license plates.. (for those unfamiliar license plates are scanned and printed on paper and placed behind those plastic shields to make it look like a legit plate).. At least being able to inspect will assist in determining authenticity.. What should be given are i.d.'s that are similar to NJ driver's licenses that have security measures placed around them.. If open carry were to become something easily attained (not like it is now) then I would think at the very start guys would get id'd often but it would slowly come to a stop as it would be an every day occurrence.. But again.. Most guys are against the whole showing proper id's and whatnot if they are not doing anything illegal.. But once again you have to remember that no body will truly know if you are permitted to carry other then yourself.. So a stop and show id is not totally absurd to think of.. As we all know it is illegal in NJ to possess a firearm without proper documentation.. So what cop or any other person is going to know if you have proper documentation.. It should be a simple 2-3 minute ordeal.. Officer asks for id.. Person shows id.. and on their way.. And shouldn't be that big a hassle coming from a state that the only way to get a carry permit is to either have a security job or deal with large amounts of money which even then you have to go above and beyond to prove yourself...
  11. I understand your view but I think there has to be more then just walking into a store with a d.l. and walking out with a gun on your hip.. I know that some laws are ridiculous.. Like why cant you have a bayonet lug on a rifle or collapsible stock.. Or the B.S. of having guys D%^ked around for 6 months waiting for a permit.. I agree that many of the gun laws should be thrown out.. But there has to be some regulation on it.. Thats all I am saying..
  12. So laws don't prevent people at all from committing a crime?? How could you even say that.. Laws prevent crime everyday.. Because people know if they break the law there is a price that will be paid.. So talk all you want about how they don't prevent crime when in fact they do.. I am not saying that laws stop EVERY crime from happening.. But they do stop some.. example.. Two guys get into an argument.. One guy slept with the others wife/girl.. The guy can easily kill the second guy.. Why doesn't he?? Because the law says that if he does he will go to jail.. So he doesn't kill the guy.. While the same scenario can end differently how many times does it end with nothing happening? How many jobs where guys say they would have done this or that but because they know they will get locked up for it they chose not to.. Because they know the law says they cannot do it.. So by saying laws don't stop crime is kinda of absurd.. Glad I look like a moron for having a view on a situation.. I can feel however I want on any given situation.. You don't have to like it or agree with it.. While you may want zero control over guns I feel that some control is necessary..
  13. I am not saying that every guy on the job knows everything about gun laws and I am sure there may be some circumstances where guys get locked up for something that was legal.. It does happen.. But I can assure you that if my cuffs go on someone I know that it is right to do so.. If I dont know I ask.. The only stupid question is the one that isnt asked.. So if I am unsure of something I ask someone that knows.. So if you have a rifle that I suspect something is not legal on it i will not just lock you up and find out later.. I will ask someone who has the information to determine if something is illegal or not..
  14. Ok.. so here it goes.. I am not saying that shootings are going to rise dramatically and stay there.. All I am saying is that withing the first weeks there would be a dramatic rise in the amount of gun calls.. I am sure it would slow down but in the beginning you will get EVERY person just doing it to "do it".. It's simple mathematics.. You raise the amount of guns into a community there is bound to be a rise in gun calls.. So I am not saying that there is going to be some huge amount of killings every day but at the beginning yes there will be a lot of gun calls which I am sure would slow down after a few weeks.. As for the comment about other states not having a lot of shootings.. You are talking about other states, not NJ.. Other states might not have killings everyday.. Fine.. But how long have they had carry laws?? Or how long have their gun laws been almost non existent? As stated before, NJ has NEVER been a gun state.. They slap on absurd restrictions and some towns screw guys trying to get permits than is imaginable.. So growing up in a state this is ALL some of us know.. And some people will never even touch a gun in their lives.. So you are right.. Down the road if NJ opened the gun laws like other states I am sure it would be fine.. But before that you will get a lot of shootings.. And I am not saying its going to be good guys like the guys on here.. A lot of scum will have easier access to the guns like the guy that shot the clerk at the liquor store.. But you will have the occasion where a civilian shoots someone because they felt threatened and it might turn out that the guy they shot was unarmed or just not in the right state of mind.. So whatever the case is there would be a rise in gun calls.. And the member that posted about my age requirements.. Again it goes back to being a cop.. You know how many kids 18,19,20,21,22,23... that I have had to lock up because they just were not grown up enough to realize what they were doing was the most retarded thing they could do.. Given that there are older guys out there who make the same mistakes but the majority are younger.. So again as a cop I feel there should be a age requirement.. I said 23-25 if it was my way not having anything to do with legal.. hypothetically is all I was saying... As for the guy who went out of his way to look up my old iroc.. Thanks for taking the time lol.. Didn't know I meant that much to you.. But in defense.. I am not the A-hole cop that writes you a ticket for something I have.. As many of you stated I am also a civilian.. I am not the type of guy that is going to do one thing over here and then issue you the same thing over there.. If I do it then I don't write for it.. that's my philosophy.. But just for your knowing.. the car has been sold.. Now onto my test... First let me start of by saying that I do not know all the rules and regulations regarding restrictions on weapons.. We are not trained to know the exact restrictions on all weapons.. Most of our encounters with guys with guns is going to be criminal.. Not me stopping you and inspecting all your firearms.. With that: 1. If I see you are carrying concealed you should present your carry card but if you do not have one I am sure there is a way of looking it up.. IF neither is available then you would have an issue.. As stated before, how do I know if you have a permit to carry or are just some guy who decided to walk out with a gun on your hip.. If you can provide no documentation and there is no way of looking it up I would assume you would be detained until such documentation is available.. But on such a call a supervisor would always be notified.. 2. In NJ mag capacity is 15 3. Must give an example on the hollow points.. If I recall correctly they are illegal unless used in proper manner.. but if a criminal walks in to rob a store and has hollow points I believe there is a charge for it 4. If I recall correctly you can have a collapsible on a pump shotgun.. But can honestly say that I probably wouldn't have been able to answer that before last week.. But Dr. I hope you realize that I never claimed to KNOW all the laws.. I clearly stated that already..No one knows EVERY part of EVERY law.. Have you ever picked up a 2C book?? It is impossible to know every part of it.. Even Judges have to look things up once in a while to make sure they are accurate in their rulings.. But again when am I going to be charging someone for an illegal weapon unless they are caught in a criminal act?? I am not going to walk up to your door and start asking if you have firearms and inspect them.. I am a street cop.. So when/if I run into this chances are its not going to be on a range guy like yourself.. It's going to be on a guy who just robbed the liquor store.. But once again I think this topic is done.. I have my views on things and you have your views.. I joined this site in hopes of learning some new things and maybe meeting some new guys that were into shooting.. But as always politics got involved and ruined it all.. Should have known better then to even start on such a topic here.. Just know that I am with most of yous on easing up the laws.. But feel that some restrictions are necessary.. Just figured that like mature people you would respect that someone has an opinion and view other then yours.. That there would be some common ground... But it is what it is I guess.. Also if you want facts.. Check where the majority of the guns that kill cops, innocent bystanders, etc come from.. Those free states that you want NJ to be like.. That's where the guns come from.. Studies have shown that a large percentage of guns come from states that lack gun control laws.. Just saying.. You guys wanted facts..
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