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  1. One of these days I'll get the message soon enough...I hope.
  2. It's a great club overall, and the one I call 'home'. The rifle ranges are my favorite part. There is a full sports shop on site now in case you forget the basics, but you do need your own: Eyewear hearing protection staple gun (tape just doesn't get the job done) You do not need your own target backers, as the club provides plywood backers . Like any range, there are those who get a bit too lax in the rules at the pistol / 25 yard range. For your own safety be a good example and follow the flag system at all times and hopefully it will reinforce safe behavior in others. On busy weekends I've seen things at the pistol range that made my hair turn white, mostly due to people agreeing to 'walk up' and shoot closer while someone at the line is still fiddling with their guns. The rules are clearly in place, and seem to be strictly followed at the rifle ranges. The more examples of responsible behavior we give, the less this will likely happen in the future ( I hope). See you there sometime.
  3. I have some .223 brass and I don't reload that caliber. I'll PM you.
  4. I think a vertical foregrip on a rifle with a pistol grip feels very natural and makes it easier for me to 'point and shoot' quickly. One thing I didn't think of before purchasing my first vertical grip, was that the full length grips may interfere with magazine removal in an AK pattern rifle. Tapco and a few other brands offer a 'stubby' size which worked well instead.
  5. Thanks. I'm always down for either Federal or S&B brass 9mm delivered under 12 a box. Time for more ammo cans
  6. yes, I believe it was steel. I personally don't need .223 at the moment but it's the best deal on .223 I've seen in quite some time. Especially for those that don't save the brass. I know, there are always those who refuse to use steel cased, polymer cased, zinc cased, etc. I've never had any issues personally, but you're mileage may vary.
  7. http://palmettostatearmory.com/index.php/featured/mfs-223-55gr-fmj-zinc-plated.html?utm_source=Special+MFS+SALE&utm_campaign=Constant+Contact&utm_medium=email This should make someone happy.
  8. Anyone have a link or info on 'average' sale prices for tumbled brass in various calibers? I'm doing my annual spring cleaning and wonder if it would be worth it for me to either sell some pickup brass, or trade for calibers I might reload. If not, does anyone have a resource for brass scrap prices in our area? I appreciate the info. Thanks
  9. thanks for the links everyone. i still would prefer a ftf or local sale if possible. Are you referencing the current show at oaks? i agree there were many last time, but there were only a couple at yesterdays show . The few on display were either mint collectibles or Russian in near mint.
  10. Still looking, after some disappointment at the Oaks gunshow. Anyone have a Yugo that is in working condition, but either not matching or with dinged up furniture? Message me with what you have! Thanks
  11. I had the same experience at the Oaks show. I went there looking for an inexpensive sks, and left disappointed. The show had plenty of Mosin 91/30's and ARs, but not much else. I did find a .22lr AR 15 round mag, so I got at least one thing on my list. (that and beef jerky)
  12. I'm always in for 9mm depending on the price.
  13. Im still looking for both a nice sks and also a beater one too. any idea where i can find one too?
  14. Vlad definitely knows his stuff. EXACTLY. Just implying that the 'older' customer was more knowledgable than the younger customer proves the point. How does age have anything to do with it? Having the wrong information as 'gospel' for 30 years + makes someone a complete moron...not wiser. There certainly are some ambiguities in NJ firearms law, but this is not one of them. I LOVE when uninformed people try to explain to me how 'courts work' or how 'laws are interpreted in court'...it makes me literally laugh. I don't even tell them that I'm a lawyer...it wouldn't matter. These same types of people will still tell me they know better. I get treated similarly in some gun shops, and when I do leave and never return.
  15. Don't most reloaders clean / tumble their brass before powder and the bullet?
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