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  1. does ba let you use regular ammo for ar15, coz shore shot wouldnt. they only use frangible ammos.
  2. ben to range 14 a couple of weeks ago. love to shoot outside as well. bought one of their $3 targets but ill probably bring my own next time.had fun that day, they also told me you can use any ammo you want except tracers.i will be out there again this saturday .
  3. aijai

    red dot sights

    found this brand "leapers" in amazon for 30 bucks. its a red green dot sight. anybody seen this.
  4. having trouble uploading pics. it says file too big to upload.
  5. s8n

    Hello always nice to meet another gun enthusiast

  6. i get my ammos from natchez, very cheap and fast delivery. they have some other good stull there too
  7. so how do you get away from being branded a forum dabbler. is there a minimum number of post one has to put up.?
  8. does anybody go to bullet h ole on weekends. that is the only time i have available as i work 3p-11p during the week. i would love to learn how to shoot with friends. like suburban commando i am a new shooter as well, bayonne is only open on weekday nights if i am not mistaken.
  9. hello, just got my ar15 and looking forward to get a red dot sight for it. i cant afford to get the eotech sight or others on that level, i just want something but durable to use for target shooting that wont break the bank. is there anybody that own such a sight . my ar has a dominator 2 mount rear sight from rra. i have read about barska, tru glo, bsa,just dont know which one to get. help please. thank you in advance.
  10. i was looking for places to shoot outdoors on the net and i came accross this site. saw interesting topics and lurk for a little bit before deciding to join to enjoy and share the features of the forum. i dont have anybody to go shoot with except for my kids so i joined, unfortunately i found most of the groups here go out on week nigths (i work the evening shift). i go out and shoot on the weekends. looking forward to shoot with anybody here.
  11. i always buy my ammo from natchez. theyre cheap
  12. i am a new gun owner too. started out last year when i saw a magazine from my neighbor ameircan rifleman i believe it is. i applied for my fid card and 6 weeks later i got a springfield xd 90. after several hundred rounds i decided to get a rifle. went to casos in jersey city where i got my first gun and ordered a rra lar15 operator series which was on sale. waited for a long nine weeks. now, i cant even put it down. fired several hundred rounds since i got it and still going. thinking of getting a super nova next.this hobby can become expensive, i try to get my ammo from the cheapest site i could get it, usually by bulk. buying it from the retail store is expensive.
  13. aijai

    hi,i live in colonia. glad to know theres somebody close by

  14. hi, i am a new member. got my new ar. its an rra operator. they had a sale so i took advantage of it. took me 9 weeks to get it. it shoots nice, took it to bullet hole yesterday and am surprised with the recoil. theres almost none. nice features on it as wwell. flip up front sights with rra dominator eotech rear sight. it has a full quadrail hand guard and ergo grip. cant say anything negative about it
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