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  1. Looking for a recommendation for an S&W revolver gun smith in north NJ. Thanks
  2. We were very happy with Bornstein&Sons. I believe in Caldwell area. Very professional, family owned, and reasonable
  3. We had a 2013 Elantra for our kid’s first car. Keep it about 6 years, ran great, no issues. We later sold to a friend. Still a friend!. Only suggestion would be to purchase the aftermarket spare tire kit. These did not come with a spare tire and jack from factory. Only a can of resealant. At the time the kit could be purchased on Amazon.
  4. Does anyone have a referral to a professional welder/light fabricator who can weld a rollbar kit together and attach it to my jeep? I travel between Essex County and Eastern Monmouth. Ideally someone in that area. Thanks
  5. Thank you. I did contact OK4wd. They were not interested in doing the work. I was a bit surprised.
  6. Can anyone provide a recommendation to either a general metal fabricator or a Jeep specialist who can fabricate a roll bar for my vintage Jeep CJ2a? Prefer a Jeep specialist, but I am sure an experienced fabricator would be acceptable. Thanks
  7. A testament to an iconic battlefield weapon or a sign of Russia’s lack of modern equipment?
  8. Two new Yealink VOP phones - I purchased both of these and never used them. Includes power adapters. Neither are programed to a specific carrier. I assume in the right hands they can be. I could not figure out how to program them to Verizon and did not want to spend the time. $100 for both pick up in West Essex. I will ship at buyer expense. T40G IP Phone, 3 Lines. 2.3-Inch Graphical LCD. Dual-Port Gigabit Ethernet, 802.3af PoE
  9. I am in Eastern Monmouth and used an engineering firm out of Point Pleasant - Robert Burdick, PE, for both the site plan and survey. They have a professional surveyor on staff. Did a good job as far as I was concerned.
  10. 20 Amp 6 Circuit Connecticut Electric manual transfer switch. Rated up to 5500 running watts. Fully functional, moved to an interlock setup. $30 Pickup only. West Essex. Can email picture. Trouble uploading.
  11. Long-shot, If anyone has one to sell, I am Interested in purchasing a retractable awning - at least 15' wide and extends 11'+. Crank-out or electric. Thanks
  12. Thank you! This is very helpful information.
  13. Any recommendations on “out of the box” print ready printers would be appreciated. I am a beginner, looking to learn about 3D and perhaps contribute to the “war effort” by printing masks for my friends and family. thanks
  14. Is anyone using UV-C as a means of sanitizing groceries and produce?
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