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  1. Long-shot, If anyone has one to sell, I am Interested in purchasing a retractable awning - at least 15' wide and extends 11'+. Crank-out or electric. Thanks
  2. Thank you! This is very helpful information.
  3. Any recommendations on “out of the box” print ready printers would be appreciated. I am a beginner, looking to learn about 3D and perhaps contribute to the “war effort” by printing masks for my friends and family. thanks
  4. Is anyone using UV-C as a means of sanitizing groceries and produce?
  5. Have any forum members had first hand experience with modular home construction? I am evaluating the pros and cons for a new shore home I am planning. If so, please pm me. I would very much like to speak with you regarding your experience. Thanks to all
  6. Yes, it was in 3D. Here is an interesting read on the film from the most recent National Review -- https://www.nationalreview.com/2018/12/they-shall-not-grow-old-movie-of-the-year/
  7. Not sure if there will be more showings locally, but it was excellent.
  8. Looking for recommendations on red dot optics ( or other options) for my recently completed AR with A2 carry handle. Not looking to go beyond 100 yards with this. Thanks.
  9. Bought tickets in Wayne on Monday for the 27th. East Hanover was sold out.
  10. Can someone recommend a gunsmith in the North Jersey/Essex area to straighten out the mess I made when I changed the springs on my model 66? I put lower power springs in, got the pull I was looking for, but also got the light strikes. I am sure it is easy fix, but I want it done by an experienced pro. Also, if I ship the firearm to a gunsmith, do I need to go through FFL? Thanks
  11. Thanks to all for your valuable comments. The optical connection worked like a charm with the home theater. Now I need to reprogram the Logitech remote, to talk to the new tv and change the default settings on the receiver. Thanks again.
  12. The cable box does have an optical audio recepticle. If I run the optical cable from the cable box to the receiver will the audio be transmitted to the receiver? As opposed directly from tv to receiver. Both paths are equally accessible.
  13. Thanks guys. It is a simple setup without any other input sources. Just TV connected to set top box via HDMI and an optical cable from digital audio out on TV directly to optical audio in on receiver. The Tv worked great last night on just the HDMI connected to cable box. But today i want to get the external speakers hooked up. Thanks again
  14. I am hoping some of you home theatre enthusiasts can help me out? I recently replaced my trusty 15 year old 50” Sony WEGA with a Samsung 65” UHD Smart TV. Both the Sony WEGA and Integra home theater receiver were pre HDMI inputs. All audio/ visual connections were via RCA input jacks. I bypassed the Integra on the new setup by hooking the tv directly to the FIOS cable box via HDMI. The TV works fine but I of course lose the audio from the home theater. Here is my question. My new TV has an optical audio out and the older receiver also have optical audio in ports. If I hook the optical cable between the Tv out and receiver in, should that give me the 5.1 surround sound back? Thanks Andy
  15. I paid approx. $550 to ship a car to St. Louis this year. I found most of the shippers are actually consolidators and arrange the transport. If you can make contact with an owner operator directly you can save quite a bit.
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