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  1. Taurus 44 magnum 6" ported barrel with Redfield 4 power scope. H & K USP 45acp full size S & W 4506 SS 45ACP
  2. I have a Pact 2 timer and chronograph, withtri pod. asking $200.00
  3. What are you looking for, I may be able to help?
  4. I also have a few 22 rifles for sale. If you are a bulleye shooter I have a gunho 5 pistol box.
  5. Look in the Indoor Range of OBRPC, there is a lot of stuff posted.
  6. I have a Spikes lowrer complete with adjustable stock.
  7. I have a Mossberg 25A Bolt Action, wooden stock. Mossgerg 26B needs bolt, wooden stock. Savage 64 with 2 clips. wooden stock. Springfield 86C tube fed bolt action. wooden stock.
  8. I have a PACT, text my for pics 7324064802
  9. I have some 12ga looking to get rid of.
  10. I have a PACT MARK 4 timer and chronograph with tripod, completet ready to go. 7324064802
  11. Have one. If interested let me know and I will send u pics.
  12. I have a Spikes Tactical lower with trigger group installed,with an adjustable stock.
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