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  1. Yep, the half below 195 [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Where did you pick it up. I've been looking at one they want $699. Then i saw the same one online for $575 w/case, then $12.00 shipping and then transfers etc.. would make it $650 ish. Was gonna see if they would come close. They have about 25 of them left.
  3. Let me know where the meets will take place.
  4. send letters and also call the references for me. I do use the same 2 guys wach time. Local PD also now comes to my house to make sure I am the applier and I live in town. last PP's 4 weeks back in Sept, 2012
  5. I have 2 currently. American Classic commander best bang/Buck IMO for a 500 gun fit/finish great. Accurate great trigger. Also SW E Series, also great gun. Has a lot of features for the buck also. Had a loaded Springfield just spent to much time in the shop. Had to sell it. All said to each his own. Good luck.
  6. Had stopped in once or twice in the past. Purchased first gun from Paul yesterday. Great guy, great little shop. Went in for a 1911 he had and also traded for an M&P40c. I would recommend this shop to everyone. I will be back.
  7. Can anyone shed some light ob this for me. I assume would need to go to PA FFL to complete sale. Could it be that simple?
  8. Another one in Merchantville has been open just over a year. Rayco Armory on Centre St. Great shop expanding inventory, good prices and best of all great guys, and good coffee.Give them a try my son and I have purchased almost all our guns there.
  9. I belong to Delran Jr Marksman. I also live in Marlton. 15 minutes to get there and very reasonable. One drawback open Sat, and Sunday only year round and Wed nights April thru Oct. But I rarely go to range more than once a week. up to 25 yd pistol, 50 and 100 yd rifle, trap and skeet, Archery and more. All outdoor but all covered stations. Great membership and growing under $100/yr.
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