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  1. Just looking to get some thoughts on shooting a 5" or 6" pistol in limited/L10 and the pros & cons.
  2. I'm looking to get an open and possibly limited 2011 gun but have no idea how to get the mags for it. Specifically, I would like some 140mm STI mags with it pinned appropriately (e.g. riveted?) to limit it to 15rds. What can I do?
  3. If I can't buy the 140mm mag tubes, then I can't buy the 126mm mag tubes because they are listed as 17rds. Basically, I just wanted to know if I can by any of the mag tubes listed over 15rds by themselves.
  4. I know complete mags over 15rds can't be bought and shipped to NJ, but what about mag bodies? Can I just order a 140mm 2011 mag tube online so I can have it riveted/blocked to hold 15rds?
  5. Vlad - I just emailed you a stage that you can just print out as it's in the USPSA format. Just fit it to the dimensions of the pit. -Mike
  6. Vlad, Do you have rough dimensions of the pits? I'll try to mock something up tonight if you still need stages. -Mike
  7. Seems like the right thing to do as it's the most realistic (especially seeing the video) or just leave it as is. Zeroing out the stage seems a bit harsh when he didn't enter the score. After doing some math, his division and class standings wouldn't change. Going from 11.46 sec to 21.46 secs would change his HF from 8.8133 to 4.7064. Divide that by the 1st place HF (Mike W.) of 6.4347 = 73.14%, which would mean 80.455 stage points out of 110. This is a loss of about 30 stage points. In Limited, he had 706 pts and 2nd place was 640. In Unclassified class, he had 656 pts and 2nd place was 597. So, it really wouldn't change anything for him...maybe a spot in the overall standings. Personally, I'd gain about 29 stage points by doing so with my 6.3985 HF, but doens't matter to me as it wouldn't affect my standings even if it were left alone.
  8. Is this from the river/stream, bottom lake or top lake? I've been there with the kids hiking but never seen anyone catch anything.
  9. I know it's a long shot but wanted to see if anyone knows of a store or are will to sell your supply of powder for an open gun (Autocomp, HS6, etc). I'm willing to trade some 22lr or pay cash.
  10. Looking for a nice place in/around Bergen county to take my kids fishing.
  11. Yes, they did/do a lot of IDPA and some run & gun. Tomorrow is USPSA with 4 classifier and 6 field stages. Regular matches usually have only one classifier and special classifier matches usually have very little (if any) field stages. This is the best of both. Enough field stages to have some fun and enough classifier stages to get your initial classification. Round count is ~214.
  12. Wondering if any of you are going to the Ontelaunee match tomorrow (4 classifier and 6 field stages). Should be fun. - Mike G (I'm in squad 5)
  13. Vlad - I registered but won't be able to make it as I'm going to the Ontelaunee classifier match. You can give Louu my spot. Would suck to drive all that way and not shoot. -Michael Gee (A78561)
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