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  1. If you can invest your money and get a better return than the interest rate you are better off financing it and having the rest in the market, otherwise it's kind of a wash
  2. That is so cool how you can really clearly see the structure of the steel. Glad you are OK!
  3. If its cheaper, I'de rather clean it and deprime it myself because I SS tumble. If its cleaned using dry media I'm just going to clean it again, so....kinda pointless
  4. Jared, Due to liability, I dont sell reloads. Especially not when they are loaded to the edge (tecnically, over the edge) of max pressure. 60,000PSI in a handgun is no joke! EDIT: I am GlennP, forgot to switch accounts. Ugh!
  5. Thats the thing, cant be sure. Plus you dont know if some spots got hotter than others. Not likely with a handgun but if its a rifle the stock may be only charred meanwhile the muzzle was roasting red hot, who knows. The whole "It MAY be OK" is iffy to me. Rockwell will only tell you hardness. Hardness isnt the only trait that you need in a firearm, it may have actually become harder but more brittle in the fire.
  6. Fire damage is baaaaad. It destroys the alloy of all metals involved. I would never attempt to use a firearm that was in a fire, thats a great way to get steel embedded in your face.
  7. Typically if its not something that I can get I wont reply. Otherwise I'de be sending out lots and lots of regrets and cluttering inboxes. If its something available usually I'll have a reply same day
  8. Yes that was the idea Screen-name tags. Otherwise it would be pointless really, not being able to connect the real name to the online "personality"
  9. Anybody doing name tags for the rally? Like the classic "Hi my name is...."? If so, any of you guys have a roll kicking around to bring? Or know where I could pick some up?
  10. We will hold a transfer as long as you need to straighten out your paperwork. We have no defined maximum amount of time, since its a transfer it is not our money tied up in the gun so it doesnt really matter. We have never had an issue with having guns overflowing in the safes or anything
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