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  1. I have no problem with you including our name. We are relatively new (since November) and field many questions on a daily basis. We should definitely preface any advice with an obvious disclaimer...No, we are NOT lawyers...again, my apologies for any misinformation. It was not intentional...
  2. I am replying to this thread since someone brought this to my attention. There have been many misinterpretations of the law as it is stated. We are required by the State Police to require an FID for ammunition purchases. As for transportation, it is recommended to have an FID, but not required if you are only going back and forth to a range. Our employee did mistakingly tell him that he needed to register his guns, but that was clarified and he was told that if purchased outside of NJ that registration was not necessary. It is implied by NJ that you should get one, and do need one for handgun ammunition and future gun purchases within NJ. We apologize for the confusion, but NJ has some confusing laws and we do NOT represent to know all of them. As for her being fired for stupidity...tone it down with the hostility...its not necessary to attack the few ranges that are fortunate enough to get a license to operate.
  3. Ok guys..final comment since I think the forum owner wants me/this thread done and gone. We hear all of your concerns. Is everything perfect (i.e. pricing/hrs etc..) NOPE...we are just opening and feeling everything out. Could things change over time - absolutely. If the opening price is too steep, then all we ask is you give it a try at the hourly rate. Meet us, see the facility and make your own decision if you want to commit. We have appreciated the input over the past few months during our build out. Now that we are ready to open (next two weeks or so), we will be onsite and listen to feedback in person. Trust me, we will listen and when appropriate, make changes. Be well all.......
  4. I know its been a long and annoying process keeping this quiet...and for that I apologize...but the last thing we want is to run into issues before we even open. OK, HERE'S THE SKINNY....we are going for our final inspections NEXT WEEK! Between now and then we are beginning to order inventory and hope that it comes in FAST. The last thing we want is to have an empty store for you all. But please be patient. It will take months to get inventory up to where we want it and where you guys give us input on what to carry and what not to carry for purchase. We have also, just today, opened up the website for pre-open memberships at a discount. Basically, if you sign up now you get $100 off the full membership price once we are open. We will not begin the membership until we open the doors. You are just grabbing a membership at a discount with only about 3 weeks prior to open. You can find more info at www.rtsponline.com. I realize that the location has still yet to be announced, but again, we are in Morris county, very close to 280/287 etc...I think you can all narrow that down to about 4 towns!! Trust me all, it will be worth the wait and we are real easy to deal with...we plan to be ever evolving in how we operate and address customer concerns. Look forward to seeing/having you all at the range real soon!!
  5. We have actually thought of how to accommodate those that want to leave firearms at the range. Obviously a liability issue as well as the legal side. When we go thru our final inspection with the State Police, we intend to address this with them and find out what options are available to us. But we will try our best to make options available that work legally.
  6. We have plenty of parking...and no, not located where you would park on a street (guess that's a hint!). As for membership pricing. Nothing in stone yet..but we are floating different levels of membership (weekday only, full membership, LEO membership & corporate membership)... Drywall went up this week. Baffles & Trap being built as we speak. Next up, Range ventilation and flooring. Hoping for final town inspections by third week of Oct, then opening!
  7. Well, the "balls" part is enduring a process that has taken almost 3 years...and a boatload of debt/startup cost...but we are like all of you, desperate for a good place to shoot and hang that isn't either a dump or 60+ miles away. Walls get sheet rocked today!! We are getting close!!
  8. It's a good suggestion Chris. Most likely we will be opening early on the weekends, but will reserve this time for those that take advantage of our yearly memberships, not hourly customers. Membership has its privileges!
  9. All interesting comments on the rental/ammo. We haven't set the policy just yet, but I don't see any issues of trying multiple guns. If you've rented a G17 and paid for a box of 9mm, but only shot 15 rounds and still have 35 rounds left, I can't see us having any issue with trying another gun in the same caliber until you've shot thru your ammo. Remember all, this is our first range, we will be ever evolving as we go and try and accommodate/please you all as much as possible.
  10. Not Patterson/woodland park Chris, but not very far....trust me, our facility will be worth the drive
  11. Thanks...we got lucky there was no water damage at all!! We have already received our FFL...so the last thing is to get the State Police to sign off. That does not occur until the facility is built out and they do a walk thru. Once we are open, we will be ready to sell...it might take a few months to build up inventory...but we are already planning ahead and working on our first order with distributors so we can hit the ground running once open!! Thanks for your interest and we look forward to having you at the range!
  12. We plan on offering Civilian Simunition Training courses too...The shoot house will be utilized to teach Shoot/Don't Shoot scenario's, as well as home defense scenario's. It might take a little while to design the right civilian course scenarios, but we at RTSP feel this is important to learning home defense. Shooting paper targets is fun and a good way to practice sight picture, sight alignment and trigger control...but until you put that into a real world scenario, you haven't truly been trained....so be patient...it will be there for all to enjoy!!
  13. Hi all. Sorry I haven't checked back here in a bit. As was noted by another "follower" - we did not have any flood issues unlike Denville etc...We are still on schedule and have begun all the frame out and electrical. That will hopefully be completed next week and go for final inspection before they close the walls up. All the HVAC is now complete except the large unit for the range. That goes in in a couple weeks. Still looks like a final inspection by the town sometime mid October. We will probably have a soft opening for all of you that have begun following us and then have a hard "Grand" Opening...As for firearms, the answer is YES, we will be carrying firearms. It might take us a month or two to build up inventory...but the plan is to offer a wide variety and base new inventory on feedback from you guys over the first few months. We have also received our certification for Tactical Simunition training..so we are excited to build a shoot house and have that option available as well. Sit tight...we ARE getting close!!!
  14. And to just add - I know many of you don't have facebook...but that is constantly being updated with new pics..so I would recommend getting on it and "liking" RTSP - Range, Firearms & Training. You can also keep up on our website: rtsponline.com. Thanks
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