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  1. Oh yeah, Isle of Man is on the bucket list, spectator not rider!
  2. I had a change of address a while back, same town different street. The PD didn't want my old one back so I keep that one with me just in case I'm at a shop and want to see something or if I see ammo somewhere. The new card is laminated and locked up safe at home.
  3. Oh and Operation Petticoat. Silly, funny movie. Filmed in 1959 with the moralities of the day. A little refreshing I think.
  4. Another vote for Kelly's Heroes, one of my all time favorites. Sand Pebbles is pretty good. Not funny at all, very tragic and a fairly accurate depiction of a time gone by. Plenty of good older movies out there to watch. Having a 21 year old son I've learned that part of the issue is getting past the film technology of the day. If you like Casablanca, and Bogart in general, check out African Queen. Classic Bogart.
  5. Happy Birthday!! Like many have said, 30 is nothing. Wait til you hit 50. When you hit 50, it hits back!
  6. As others have said, what makes a person do something like this? My heart goes out to all those affected.
  7. I gave up on gas grills a while ago, charcoal all the time for me.
  8. And just about the same time of year. I wonder if there is some correlation between Spring and pizza?
  9. And let's remember not everyone agrees on what is the "best" pizza. Personally I like thin crust and slightly unusual toppings. Of course that's not to say I don't enjoy a good cheese pie too. One of the places mentioned, Chimney Rock Inn, makes the most amazing thin crust, Baked Potato Skin Pizza. OMG, it's delicious and why not? A pizza with potato skins, cheese and bacon. Now I'm hungry.
  10. Great thread, I'm always looking for good pizza so....... Another +1 for Chimney Rock in Bridgewater if you're in the area. DeLucia's Pizza in Raritan, best thin crust I've had. Lastly, Cassie's in Englewood. A little pricey and definitely not a pizzeria but VERY good pie.
  11. A friend of mine works for them, they're heading to Virginia.
  12. One person's opinion. I have worked in the service end of the car business since 1975, started with domestics, spent some time with Asians and then the Germans. One of the many things I have learned in my years is that not everyone appreciates all makes and models of car. German engineering a myth? Hardly, but certainly not for everyone. If you cannot appreciate the engineering that's fine, but it is not a myth. Indeed, what is in todays BMW or VW will be in the Asian cars 5-10 years from now when they reverse engineer it.
  13. This just made me laugh. Come on, you know it's true. http://www.inautonew...t-the-first.jpg
  14. Did a search to see if this was posted before and didn't find it. Sorry if it's a repeat but darn funny. Sure does look like she's shooting a Beretta.
  15. You're a lucky one! The Lexus will cost less in maintenance. German cars are not for everyone.
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