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  1. I will second the Ben Moore Fresh Start, it has the advantage of being pretty thick compared to many of the paints and primers from Lowes, etc.... IF you have a faux finish or anything with any sort of surface too it, it will help a lot with creating a smooth base to put a top coat on. No regular paint will do that even if it promised to be a primer. I have always regretted not using Fresh Start type primer on walls where I am making any significant color change or patching any significant damage or dirt coverage.. I also have almost always regretted not buy Ben Moore for my top coat too. It is very expensive, but it really does go on easier and it is usually less messy..... I am still trying to get spatter up from a project years ago with some cheap Olympic Paint from Home Depot.
  2. Forget guns, their prices on the rest of the sporting goods inventory were not competitive after they built the new building. It was cheaper to to drive to Hamburg, PA and pay Cabela's prices than buy just about any hunting supplies. When my kids were young, they had competitive prices and good inventory for lots of stuff like basketball hoop, soccer balls, etc. But I stopped going there after the new "destination" store opened (tried the gun counter a couple of times and found that ammo was too hard to come by to make it a regular stop.) Efinger's tried to go upscale to complete with the national chains, but frankly, even they are not making it anymore (Sports Authority in Flemington is now the 2016 Halloween Shop..... case closed.) In the end, I think there will be Amazon and small specialty store-front shops that cater to specific sports segments like Soccer, Guns, Archery, Hockey etc where customer service and subject matter expertise are valued enough to pay a premium. There is no middle market for a biggish, general purpose sporting goods store anymore, they are a casualty of internet commerce and the family knows that. I believe that is how to read the news article and their statements about market conditions. Note they are keeping their school sports apparel business. That is a competitive niche that they won't get eaten by Amazon and overnight (almost) delivery. It requires more custom work and long-term relationships that can be durable and have additional margin. So long-story short, support your local sporting goods shop that caters to people who value skills and knowledge in the games you love, especially guns, and don't fret a few bucks if you get good service.
  3. Addicts regularly drive to PA to buy syringes. it is a common citation for paraphernalia to be stopped in the car on the highway back from PA and the police sees a bag of syringes in a CVS bag in the back seat and all the occupants get hit with this... Police cite this regularly.
  4. Interesting. I am not sure what would make the hobby grade, but I'll keep an eye on it. I have only put a few hundred rounds down range (note, the time issue stated originally :-) I own an MP15-22 that I really like, but my understanding is that the lower on the MP-15 Sporter was not a off-the-shelf standard so I went with the Ruger.
  5. To directly answer the question, I had the same quandary (i have the skills and interest, but not the time to do a build and all the research). My more limited stock off the shelf-buy research led me to buy a Ruger AR-556: totally standard, no frills, solidly built, decent prices can be found well under your $1,000 ceiling, little or no risk as it is a big name manufacturer. There are tons of other companies out there, but you really have to research to figure which ones are solid. I plan on modding and doing some builds in the future, but the desire to put an AR in the inventory now. First add-on will be optics and that will quickly put me over the $1,000 mark :-) :-( http://www.ruger.com/products/ar556/specSheets/8502.html
  6. So, almost one year on, the P320 looks to have very very good support for holsters, mags, triggers, etc. X-change kits seem to be readily available too. As an interesting side effect, the same is now true for the P250 since they are about 90% the same (share mags, grips, holsters, etc.) I was an early adopter of the P250 and regretted it for he reasons mentioned above (and the fact it requires a fair amount of practice to be proficient with the DA trigger). It is funny, I am starting to like the prospects for its future again.... The reason I am posting this today, I was at Heritage Guild and noticed that they had at least 5 P320s on display AND a full up rack display of accessories for the P320/P250... I think Sig is ensuring the P320 does not get the bad rap the P250 did, we'll see if it worked.
  7. Hey the smile on her face in the lead photo is enough to call it a pro-gun article. Anytime we get press that shows the positive angles of gun ownership and sport i'll take it. maybe next time she'll be even more comfortable....
  8. I ordered these on this deal before I saw the posting here. They just showed up last evening. I have to say, compared to the Sports, these are serious quality NRR protection. They have similar tight seal like i have with Peltor standard muffs and the sound quality is excellent. I have to say, they are pretty big though. I think these are going to be my go to ones for indoor ranges/pistol shooting, but not sure I will go away from my Sports (with some foam plugs inside) for rifle/outdoor days....
  9. Just saw this bow on the Lancaster site, probably just the ticket for what you are looking for and with the Black Friday pricing it is a great price! http://www.lancasterarchery.com/easton-first-start-recurve-bow-package-set.html?trk_msg=NV7AB0SMSG7KN7N1L2RKLKNQBS&trk_contact=J7QUD1STNMPOFT6A98GDJ4G8TO&utm_source=Listrak&utm_medium=Email&utm_term=Easton+Bow+Package&utm_campaign=StandardEmailMarketing&utm_content=2015DOORBUSTER
  10. i boycotted Home Depot for about 2 years for the same reason after getting shafted on CFL bulb rebates that cost me about $50.
  11. Too long for an Internet law. :-) Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  12. The mipafox corrallary to Godwin's law: all online retail firearms discussions will devolve into accusations of being soft on Dick's and their 2nd amendment sellout after Newtown. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  13. Get the Samcobow above, it is cheaper than most and may actually encourage her to really try archery, plus she can dream she is Katniss . Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  14. you can go three ways, but you will surely spend over $100 for the compounds. 1.) look at a Genesis Pro bow that is draw length independent (the cam is constant let-off so your arm length doesn't matter). If you think she is going to only do target archery and under 25 yards, this will work great and not need any special setup. We use these with kids all the time and her size this would fit well, but it will NOT grow into a more serious bow. around $200 2.) look at one of the name brand "grow with you" compound bows that have adjustable cams for draw such as the old Parker Sidekick or the Bear Apprentice. This will run you $200-300. 3.) look at a recurve or Long bow. these are easily upgraded to higher weights and much less draw length dependent (just us a table like this http://www.learn-archery.com/proper-bow-size.html you can get started much closer to the $100. Remember a few things needed along with the bow, arrows (easily cost you $50 even for a dozen cheapies.) a finger tab or release and a carry case. Frankly for a a starter kit, I would go Recurve as it is a lot of fun and can be used to teach ALL the key aspects of archer. If she get's more serious or wants to hunt, then you upgrade later.
  15. Here is your answer :-) (okay, finally figured out how to embed.........)
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