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  1. Tony, I bought some awhile back and need a bunch more for a Club I belong to. I am thinking ten to start and then make sure the trustees like them. Please advise as I needthem in 2 weeks for a match.
  2. I recently sold my Nikon 1x4 and bought a Primary arms 1x6 and it was the best move I could of made. What a huge difference! There is not a better scope for the money in my opinion, it has a good reticle and illumination and you can sometimes find them on sale for $239. They are very difficult to find in stock as they sell out usually the same date they come in. This scope blows the Nikon away. I wanted the Strike Eagle when I found this one and am very happy and will buy another one when they get back in stock. http://www.primaryarms.com/primary-arms-1-6x-scope-with-patented-acss-556-545-308-reticle-advanced-combined-sighting-system-paps1-6x/p/kt-paps1-6x/
  3. These guys usually have them. http://www.ammosc.com/5-45-x-39/
  4. I had a buddy that had 8 squibs in one box. I wonder if that is what the problem is?
  5. I second the 34. I have the 17 and like it, but for me I can shoot the 34 better. If this is basically a range gun then you get some upgrades in the 34 as stated above. The 34 barrel is 5.3in. and the 17 is 4.5 so maybe that little extra site picture helps. I think if you are buying only one pistol (which by the way I have heard many people say this and end up with a 24 gun safe) and you are not going to shoot any matches like USPSA, Steel challenge or IDPA then I think the 19 is the way to go. Also like the small 40sw 22 or 23 (cannot remember which is smaller) and get a conversion barrel, gives you a few other options. You will be happy either way as they shoot great and very rarely ever malfunction
  6. I got 1000 rds of the 40gr Mini-mags last week $87 to the door.
  7. Its gone. I got lucky I got an alert last night and missed it but left the page up hit F5 and it came available this morning. How lucky!!!!! This seems to happen a lot must be people put it in their carts and the sale doesn't go through or something. I got some mini-mags the other day this same way.
  8. J ust got thie limit been there for 5 mins already. http://www.midwayusa.com/product/193791/cci-blazer-ammunition-22-long-rifle-40-grain-lead-round-nose-box-of-500-10-boxes-of-50
  9. FLHX

    Sig mcx

    I shot with a buddy today that had one and he was having nothing but problems with his. The bolt was having trouble picking up a round (pmags, asc,and Lancer mags). Then he was getting light strikes. I we tried 4 or 5 different ammo types and he got so frustrated and just put it away. This was day one for the rifle and I am sure he will get it figured out but it definitely puts a bad taste in your moth about the rifle!!
  10. I have never worn the Crye clothes but, I think that's crazy for a pair of pants. I have a few pair of Vertx pants and find it very hard to believe that there could be much better out there and at $30 to $60 the price is right.
  11. I have been doing some reading lately on rim fire cartridges and some sort of rifle to shoot them through. I saw some video on the 17wsm and the 17hmr, 22wmr. It seems that the 17wsm has a little bit on both of the other two rounds.The big thing seems to be wind drift, that's where the 17wsm seems to shine. I am trying to get a mid price range setup of scope and rifle. I like the CZ-455 but so far I haven't seen one in 17wsm and there aren't that many rifles chambered in it that I have found so far. I think that CZ has a rifle that comes with both barrels one for 17hmr and 22wmr but no 17wsm. The article linked below is a brief summary and if I find the video I watched I will edit this post to link to it. http://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2013/01/04/winchester-introduces-3000-fps-rimfire-cartridge/
  12. I have had both rifles. I used to shoot the GSG in the rimfire mathes at OB (OBRAMS). I got sick an tired of watching everyone shoot stages without any jams or misfires and any other problems and then it was my turn and I had all those problems. I was shooting the GSG and they were shooting the 15-22. I liked the GSG so I did some of the mods that say they would help with the problems, they did a little and the rifle got a little more dependable. I handled the 15-22 and it felt like a toy so much plastic. I didn't like it but, I could argue with what I had been seeing every month so I broke down and bought the 15-22 and never went back to the GSG. I held off selling it until I didn't shoot it for a few months then it went. The 15-22 is easier to clean and just a far more dependable that the GSG that I had. I see this as an easy decision the S&W without a doubt. The 15-22 can also use a lot of the same parts that a mil-spec AR can use also. SO do if right the first time and get the 15-22. There is another rifle that I liked, but wasn't out at the time I was looking. The Anschutz MSR-22 it's a scar clone and just from the name one would think it's a great rifle, but I have no experience with that one.
  13. FLHX

    PPQ M2 vs Glock 19

    I never shot the PPQ but the Glock 19 is a no nonsense tool that will work when you need it to. The reason I like Glosck is that I just seem to shoot them better than most other pistols I have shot. I also like the fact that Glock is the tinker toys of guns. I have played with so many different combinations or parts in my Glocks that I had to start keeping a journal of what I have in them now and how other things performed when they were in the gun. I don't know if the PPQ has the ease of changing parts out of it or not. I don't care which one you pick now as if you really like them and like a lot of people on this forum you will probably end up owning both down the road any way!! Shoot them side by side one will speak louder to you that day!! The next day who knows!!
  14. I have also heard good things about them. I have not run them in my rifle but the guy that did had no problems with them and they look good too!! You cannot beat the deal being offered here so I am going to be getting a few.
  15. Are you going to be at the 3 gun match at OB this Sunday? If so I will take 3. If not any idea on how much to ship them to Jackson so I have them by Saturday? I maybe able to take a ride to your shop can you send me the address
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