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  1. YWHIC

    Quieter Brake?

    No I'd use without. Just thinking compliance and for the prices it's cheap enough. I have a welder here
  2. YWHIC

    Quieter Brake?

    So this would be a better choice for NJ compliance? Even has a hole for pin and weld to take place.
  3. YWHIC

    Quieter Brake?

    Muzzle Brake pinned on with blast diffuser is this type NJ legal?
  4. 15 in and 15 in an extra mag. Better over than under.
  5. Had the Pardner Pump chopped to 18 1/2" and PG'd it.. I mangled the threads trying an extension tube... I then sold to an FFL whom said he could fix it.. Ran great at the range for me before I mangled it.. built VERY well.. Since I needed another one.. I just bought the Pardner Protector (shorter and no choke) from Dicks for $219 and only put a PG on it..
  6. Built 5 lowers.. and alot of uppers.. Kept changing things.. Cheap Red Dot (x4).. Eo Tech.. Fancy Rails (x3).. Different Scopes (x6).. I found using just regular 'irons' when testing on a bag on the bench.. yielded (for me) the same 3" or so group as a 3 MOA red dot did.. So now I just run the 'irons'.. at the end of the day your usage will dictact what you should buy or build.. S&W MP 15's have good reviews and are decently priced IMHO.. then you can 'grow' that when you figure what YOU want out. Keep in mind NJ AR's are neutered.. fixed or pinned stock.. and pinned/welded compensators/brakes are the 'norm'.. so buying something cool online might get you an ugly surprise when it gets to your NJ dealer and they tell you thats it not legal for transfer.. Also 10 and 15 round magazines are all you get in NJ as well..
  7. Been there for 3 years.. (time to renew).. Never had any issues.. Last time out the KID (looking) range officer asked about my 10 round 54R VEPR mag.. (but that thing looks like a 30, so I couldn't blame him).. I showed him how it holds 10.. He was in AWE by how big the mag looked.. but only held 10.. LoL Nobody has ever asked me about pinned stock(s).. and I've had alot of them.. The timeouts are kinda annoying.. like every 18 minutes.. so you get like 40-45 minutes and not a full hour.. but the 200 yards is nice.. Its way better than 100 yards and sitting only at say Wicens over in PA.. and the RO trying to critique you and help you.. LoL
  8. Range bag.. ear plugs.. ammo.. mags.. adjustment tool for AR sights.. MilDot master.. Some 223/556 MilDot quick cards I made up for my scope.. Truck.. I keep the target (FBI Q paper ones).. Staple Gun/Staples, Shooting glasses.. Cleaning rod.. Caldwell 'bag'.. some small 3" diameter AR500 steel targets..
  9. Glock G30 (45 acp).. owned 3 of them.. I sold the last one a few years back.. and man I miss it..
  10. YWHIC

    Un-pinning an AR stock

    If you can get the stock OVER the pin tip.. then you can slid off and then pull the PIN out.. then get full slide back.. Depends on how it was pinned and where it was pinned.. I got a CTR on one of my current firearms and pinned under the extra friction-latch.. with epoxy.. so I am truly glued.. I had it originally set to the wrong position so I had to work quite abit to get the original pin job reversed.. I loved having to drill another hole into the tube 'ridge' for another PIN.. Picture of the PIN before the epoxy was added and then re-inserted..
  11. I dunno.. I did the 18 1/2" barrel 12ga pump for HD.. 5+1 works for me.. (disregard the Zombies thing..LoL) Overall length is 29 1/2"..
  12. I have just over 1K of my 223/5.56 for my AR, 1K of 762x54R for my VEPR, 300 rounds of 9mm and 100 for my 22LR rifle.. Can't shoot at all really as the fear of paying the $$$ money vendors want currently is rediculous.. I shoot about 100 rounds each time I go out on the minimum side.. My rifles are VERY lonely without their ammo..
  13. What if said SKS has a flash hider (not a comp/brake) and bayonet??
  14. I live in PA and shoot in NJ.. everything I bring to NJ is NJ compliant.. I pin the stocks.. leave the fun mags at home.. weld and pin on Comp/Brakes, etc.. I had a range guy whom thought my 10 round VEPR 54R mags was more than 15 rounds.. I explained currently there is no mag for the VEPR 54R that holds 15 or more.. and then showed him the factory 5 next to it.. he then understood what I was saying.. Certain ranges will be nice and tell you to just 'stow' it.. problem would be if you get an LEO in a bad mood shooting next to you.. or you get stopped from A-B.. I've seen out of state military (stationed in NJ) thinking folding bayonets on the SKS's were OK at the range.. I casually mention the possible issues and some of the NJ laws..
  15. I'm going to say no.. as most online retailers will simply not ship any ammo to NJ at all. Alot of retailers already don't ship to NJ..
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