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  1. It may be a long tailed weasel.. I saw only one---one time chasing a rabbit.. I had to look it up, Check out a pic and see ???????
  2. Try Bladeforums.com They have a GREAT Classifieds section, and it a comprehensive knife site.. You can see reviews... You can buy and sell. People from all over the world post here.... Its worth a visit.....
  3. Ive done all of my builds myself with the harbor freight 90 amp wire feed.. If you are mechanically inclined, and don't mind practicing a little its not too hard.. I thought it was harder to drill the holes in my battlecomps.. The higher quality comps are hardened, and you need to use high quality drill bits. I went thru a few cobalt bits on each comp... buy a few bits oil as you cut,and go slow. Good luck..
  4. THIS VORTEX IS AVAIL AT OPTICS PLANET for 445$ shipped !!!!!! use code BF11 for 11% off of the already discounted price of 499.99..
  5. If your already spending on quality parts get a billet seekins upper that perfectly matches your lower. I have a seekins billet set up with a high quality barrel, and I cant see any reason to look for some other upper. They were engineered to work together, and fit and finish is excellent.
  6. I just picked up an H&R 12ga ultra slug deluxe from Effingers.. Im trying to narrow down the ammo choices to test out.. This is my first dedicated slug gun, so im looking for some guidance.. From reading I have a short list of possibles.. Let me know what you think.. Thanks In Advance Don Hornady sst flextip 300gr Remington Copper Solids Remington Buck Hammer Federal Premium Barnes Expander Sabots Lightfield Hybrid EXP
  7. I give them to my kids to lock up their snowboards at the mountain.. The rest are in a gallon zip lock bag
  8. I would check your tube with a micrometer, and your friends tube with the same to see if yours is expanded in size. Sound like its the actual width of the tube. Good luck with the fix!!
  9. LOOK UP THE CLOSEST WAL MART. That's the outlet we use.. Easton Pa on Nazareth rd.. about 10 min over the line..
  10. Its because the steel used for the actual rotors is from CHINA... If you put the cheapest rotors on they are made out of crap and rust in a day!!! not saying its your doing, but food for thought. "Happens to a lot of people" Did you have the rotors replaced last time you had brake service ?
  11. Congrats, Having a girl first prepares you for the boy if you do wind up having one. Plus my Daughter is the best shot in the house !!!!!!!
  12. Some POSITIVE feed back should find its way back to all those people!!!!!!!!!!!! Its the BEST stuff Ive heard all day!!!!
  13. Thanks for the Heads Up & SAFETY Upgrade !! ordered 2 pair 50$
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