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  1. Yes, I called in. We need more people to call in to drive the point and get more coverage. This is a lot of earned media which costs us nothing. Also, did anyone else pick up on how pathetic Sweeney sounded? He sounded like a punished school kid lol
  2. Thanks guys. Right now I am finishing the new website which will contain a lot of detail on what we need to do and how everyone can help. The volunteers are already signing up in droves and we will make this a reality. At this time please make sure you are signed up on the RecallSweeney.com volunteer list and we will be sending our more information as it becomes available. Also, hoping to have a webinar very soon where we can go over all the details and everyone can ask live questions.
  3. Team: please put June 27 in your calender for the Recall Sweeney Rally. I am securing the location and working out the rest of the logistics. I understand the website needs to be updated but please be patient while I put that information together. I understand it is BBQ/graduation party season but everyone can volunteer a few hours in the morning and afternoon so we can all work together on results-oriented activism so next time this year we can celebrate with more rights than we have today.
  4. Glad someone asked. Very good actually. The State apporoved the Recall Intention Letter and tentative date is scheduled for June 27 for the Recall Sweeney Rally. A lot more to announce but I will make a seperate post about it.
  5. I disagree, Kevin. I would gladly have tea with Newt. I never hold a grudge.
  6. Look at the facts here. Newt swore up and down that he did not contact anyone about the recall with intentions of trying to discredit it and then I was called the liar till I produced the evidence. Then Newt claims he did not know Anthony was backing it until now but begins his e-mail to him stating he just listened to his podcast (that I was on twice in 3 weeks and it was stated dozens of times Anthony was supporting it). Now I am being called the "dickhead." This is classic misdirection and smokescreen and now Newt is claiming his life is in danger for posting information which he posts on his email signature and website and many other sites. Also Newt was under the assumption he can perpetuate his lie because he assumed that an e-mail with Anthony was confidential. So Newt admits he intentionally lied and deceived everybody while throwing me under the bus because he believed an e-mail he sent was "confidential." So his goal was to have Anthony stop supporting the recall with the expectation of me knowing nothing about it. Sorry if that does not sit right with me. I can assure you that Anthony and I sharing information was not done in a mischievous fashion--we are all partners in this fight together--and there are absolutely no secrets amongst those who are helping and on the same team. The objective here is so clear and cannot believe I have allowed myself to become distracted with this nonsense. We, the NJ2AS, have had enormous growth, focus, and progress since I took over Jan 1, 2015, and it was all thanks to those who entrusted me to do the right thing, focus on result-oriented activism, and create permanent solutions to our mutual problems. We have a major A-list celebrity working with us now (TBA soon), have a few corporate firearms manufactures interesting in sponsoring us, and a lot of other exciting news which I will be releasing in the upcoming weeks. I hope we can all work together and united to accomplish our goals.
  7. Guys, sorry if you are painting this as an intential posting of his information while posting on my cellphone. When I got back to my desktop I immediately edited the post. For your information I do not know why it is an issue I reposted an e-mail he sent with information that is on his e-mail signature and his website not to also mention public information on many websites. His name, address, phone number, etc, is public information and produced willingly from himself, not me.
  8. Fair enough, Kevin. See below ---------- Forwarded message ---------- From: Angelo DePalma <[email protected]> Date: Thu, May 7, 2015 at 3:29 PM Subject: Sweeney recall To: [email protected] Hi Anthony, I heard you supporting the Sweeney recall during your recent podcast. I have been against this initiative from the beginning. If you'd like details you can read my posts within the appropriate thread on the NJ Gun Forums. I'll summarize my points below as well. 1. Sweeney is one guy, one legislator. Yes he's a scumbag, but he's still only one guy. 2. Contrary to what Mr. Roubian states Sweeney is not "vulnerable." He won by 6000 votes, 54-45%. 3. Contrary to what Mr. Roubian states the entire process of replacing a legislator takes at least 8 months, longer with planning. Not three months which is what he told us at the NJ2AS meeting last Wednesday. Roubian himself has been quoted as saying that this effort has been "three years in the making." So is it three months or three years? 4. Opponents of recall have been slandered as being pussies, of surrendering. Far from it. I have advocated many times in the forums the strategy of taking back 5-6-7 seats in truly vulnerable districts. Do you realize that we lost at least one district by a couple of hundred votes, and several by fewer than 1000?? 5. Roubian and the recall zealots have no plan. What happens if the recall fails? They need 40,000 signatures, by the way. What if a democrat wins his seat, as is extremely likely? What if they elect an election-proof Senator, like Weinberg, to replace him? Do you recall her as well? Good luck. 6. I have demonstrated, based on the number of gun owners in the state, the margins of defeat, with extremely generous leeway possibly resulting from bad statistics, how we could easily take back the legislature. EASILY. It's a stealth tactic based on canvassing NRA and NJ2AS members by phone, visiting the gun shops in those districts, handing out literature, etc. The democrats would not know what hit them until after the election. 7. What's sad about the recall is that for approximately the same effort we'll put into the iffy job of recalling Sweeney -- for which, win or lose, very few outcomes are positive -- we could tap into FFL resources and NRA/NJ2AS databases to win several seats back. Perhaps even enough to have a majority. Pro-recall guys continue to talk about scaring the shit out of them by virtue of this doomed-to-fail recall initiative. How scared will the democrats be when Sweeney wins this skirmish, and how more screwed will we be when he's governor? Hello 3-round mag limits. Ever hear of "what doesn't kill me makes me stronger" ?? What would really get them to soil their drawers is to un-elect six or seven of them. Even if two or three seats are won, which by the numbers is eminently possible, that will send a much louder message than a likely-to-fail recall. Sincerely yours, Angelo DePalma ___________________ Angelo DePalma, PhD Freelance Writer
  9. AMEN! Perfectly said. Thank you, Glen.
  10. Stop deflecting, mipafox. I made it very clear why I asked that. Now you are jumping on the Newt bangwagon while you have absolutley no proof. My statements are true and I am willing to prove it once he proves that he trulely is not a spy and actually a legitimate 2A supporter. Clearly with all his activity on this forum he should have no problem proving this to us. You expect me to release personal e-mails to complete strangers on a public forum and I am the insane one for asking if he even is a legit firearm's owner?
  11. Exactly. Does not take much for the antis to plant a few people on here to constantly call our ideas dumb and try to belittle us on everything we do so we do not do anything.
  12. Impugning how? I am ready to show how dishonest and delusional Newtonian is once he proves he even has an FID card. From what I gather nobody knows who he is outside of this website or even gone shooting with him, etc. That is my point from the beginning with these posts, we have no clue who is trolling and trying to cause trouble and disharmony amoungst our groups. Now you are stating I need to make myself accountable to someone I only met once, tried terribly to disinfranchise us, and we do not even know if he is a friend or foe? I have the evidence and willing to disclose it once he proves to us that he is even a firearm owner.
  13. Newt, I will only post if you provide a copy of your NJ FID card. And you can paypal the donation at http://nj2as.com/donate1/
  14. I just did, Newt, and you cannot even see it, lol. Based on your statement and denial of contacting a key supporter(s) you have proven you are delusional. This is too funny.
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