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  1. this will be my first steel. Do you just show up or have to pre-reg? thanks
  2. Hi, I'm reaching out to NJGFers for a little fitting job on my slide release lever for sig P226. I bought one from topgunsupply.com The bottom of it is a little too much. They told me I have to file it a little to fit it in. I also need to cut the most of the release button off so that it won't cause failure of locking back for last round because my right thumb rests on it by accident. I can pay up to $10. Please let me know if you are close to Hudson county area. thanks!
  3. where's the link? the website is still saying: The results for the Halloween BOOLAST will be up tonight. Had a little computer problem. Stage 4 has been deleted from the match due to it having been set-up in multiple ways by different squads so that the competitive challenge was not equal.
  4. sorry for have to leaving earlier. Nice meeting you NJGFers See you next round.
  5. I was on lane#4 from 10am to 1pm. close to the watch tower. It was windy, my target got folded by the wind some time :-)
  6. It's getting cold for outdoor. Just throw out an idea.
  7. lol, you just defined a new word - tactical build. let me try if 911 can recognize that:-)
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