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  1. Android 4.x has been at end of life for a very long time. How long have you had the phone and are you willing to upgrade? (based on your initial post you are) If not I recommend rooting the phone (if you have the technical expertise) and installing Cyanogenmod which is Android vanilla and runs very cleanly. Potentially the caches are full and or you have used up all the device storage. Even worse an app could have a memory leak. Usually you can apply the PC trouble shooting guidelines, have you restarted it? In other news you are 100% at risk for https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stagefright_(bug). Carriers refused to update software and forced you to buy new phones. It is so fragmented in regards to carrier/google patches that most corporate environments have banned Android phones access to corporate emails via exchange. If I were you I would just upgrade the phone if you haven't had it for too long. Once you get the upgrade factory wipe the old phone and store it as a oh shit backup.
  2. Congrats, don't forget to add your former NJ resident number to your signature!
  3. For the longest time they fought against this, many high profile articles highlighted them fighting the state(s) sales taxes in many places. They caved when states started giving them shit for having operation centers in states that where they got tax relief. They were eventually going to get sued into high heaven.
  4. I'm looking at the internal wiki trying to see what the official policy is for weapons and parts. I can say the policy was put into effect in the month of June/2016. Dunno if I can share the rest of it but yes they have an unacceptable content, products and services list now. Full disclosure - Amazon Employee Full disclosure - Last day is on 9/2 Full disclosure - Amazon sucks to work for
  5. Somewhere in the Md/Va area. Long story short I'm now in the US Navy.
  6. I'm finally out! Lease will be terminated on 9/30/2016. It's looking pretty bad in this state, I wish you all the best of luck!
  7. I use an app called Park Whiz, usually a lot cheaper than Citi Field parking.
  8. This does help, thank you, I am heading to MD soon myself.
  9. I'm trying to find a declarative answer about this but are BAS/BAH excluded from NJ taxes? Additionally if you have moved out of state how have you handled the non-resident part of your income taxes?
  10. This, been doing it for years. Load mag in a locked container that is not the same as a rifle, never had an issue.
  11. This state is a numbers game. A numbers game of those who work hard, pay their own bills and take care of their own vs the free shit army. Unfortunately NJ is a socialist state and the free shit army will keep voting them in. I'm out in September so I give fuck all about politics in N.J. or this gas tax hike but I pity you who believe you can still win the numbers game. This is not defeatism, it's just being smart enough to know that NJ is a failed state.
  12. Did the googles, found some relevant research materials: http://navwaters.com/2012/11/12/the-fourth-amendment-rights-vs-boarding-power-of-the-united-states-coast-guard/
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