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  1. just to clarify the saiga 7.62x39 as shipped is legal? It only becomes illegal when I changing back into a non-sporting rifle( and not done correctly)?
  2. Having hiked a few sections of the AT and having more than a few run-ins with bears, I will tell you that with taking the appropriate precautions a pistol is not needed. I always carry an air horn just incase, but have never had to use it. Not only would it be illegal in NJ, but I would almost guarantee that someone would call the rangers. Im not trying to tell you what tot do but I just don't see the need or reason to carry a pistol. Another thing to think about if you do decide to bring a sidearm would be where to shoot a charging bear and what caliber of handgun you will bring. Last but not least make sure you bring something to lay on at night, especially when sleeping in the mountains cause not only will it be rocky but it will be alot colder than you think. On one of my saltier trips I had an incident t where my hammock rolled down Mt. Tammany never to be seen agin. I spent that night curled next to the fire freezing my a** off, and that was only early spring!! So just make sure you guys are ready for any situation that may arise and have a plan for bear encounters and other emergencies. Stay safe and have fun!!
  3. The 795 is the same action as the 60 just magazine fed. IMO the 795 is better than the 10/22 for the price, trigger, and accuracy right outta the box. I have never owned a 10/22 but have shot a couple. I own a 795 and I love it!!
  4. Neither did I but I but the guy at dicks said that fall turkey rarely runs out of permits.....its worth a shot just giving them a call to find out, as you can buy any not claimed in the lottery.
  5. Ok now that we've got that cleared up I think we've covered everything possible
  6. There is one thing I still don't understand......why can't I buy a stripped lower at a pa gun show?
  7. They do not do NICS checks at the door, they do them when buying from a dealer. I have never bought a weapon from there but have been to a couple.
  8. hey guys sorry for rehashing an old thread but has anyone done any work on the bolt or mag well? i am thinking about taking some of the pitting off of the bolt cause it drives me crazy every time i clean it. i was also thisking about trying to make the mags drop free by sanding the mag well down a little bit. Also do you guys think i could get away with duracoating the bolt after i take the pitting off? idk if its worth it or even possible but i thought i would throw it up here before contacting a gun smith
  9. Ok thanks!! I honestly didn't know that there was a difference in who I buy from a the gun shows so I'm glad I asked
  10. Isnt a face to face a transfer not a purchase? Not tying to be an a** but jw
  11. as stated before the only thing you need to do is make sure its a nj legal weapon (no 15rd mags, no bayonet lug, no flash suppressor and all of the things on that list) and fill out the CoE. As with every weapon purchase a NICS check will be done. Thats all though, longarms do not need to registered in NJ. anymore questions just ask.
  12. I only have problems with my 795 when using cheap ammo. No ftfs or ftes when using cci mini mags, velocitors or stingers. Its just the cheap ammo as I had the same problem
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to hunting and shooting in general. I have never turkey hunted before and would like to give it a try. I do have full Camo and I have paterened a couple different loads and found one that hits pretty consistant. I have looked at the zones and found some public land close to my area. I am basically looking for someone with some experience to teach me the ins and outs. I know this alot to ask but it can't hurt to ask for help. Even if someone can recommend a good DVD or DVD series that would help me out alot. I appreciate all and any help thanks guys!!
  14. as far as i am aware for nj deer all you need is to purchase the license and the permit for your section
  15. Thank you very much!!! No more carrying around the digest for me....now if we only had one for fishing!?!? Lol
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