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  1. To the best of our knowledge it is not “Law”. RTSP changed that requirement several years ago, but we do still ask for ID (FID, DL or PP) as a precaution to passing a firearm across the counter.
  2. Update: Name: RTSP Location: Randolph, NJ Website: http://www.rtsponline.com Public/Private: Public Membership costs: $400 year and LEO $200.00 and VIP $2000.00 also $20\hr Pistol, $25/hr rifle non member rate. Discount for military and first-responder's on membership. Membership requirements: No Extras: 5 Free Guest Passes Per Year w/ membership, 1 Free gun cleaning, 1 free Digital Simulator pass, 5 free Rentals, 3 Free range hour cards, 2 referral cards and VIP unlimited Guests: 5 Free Guest Passes Per Year w/ membership and VIP unlimited $10/hr otherwise. Pistol: See Below Indoor: 25 yard and 15 yard indoor firearm range total 21 ports Rifle: Yes up to .308 Skeet: No Trap: No Pits: No Steel: No Extras: 2000 sqft. indoor shoot house, digital simulator, 15k training facility, cafe and largest firearms selection in the tri-state. Name: RTSP Location: Union, NJ Website: http://www.rtsponline.com Public/Private: Public Membership costs: $400 year and LEO $200.00 and VIP $2000.00 also $20\hr Pistol, $25/hr rifle non member rate. Discount for military and first-responder's on membership. Membership requirements: No Extras: 5 Free Guest Passes Per Year w/ membership, 1 Free gun cleaning, 1 free Digital Simulator pass, 5 free Rentals, 3 Free range hour cards, 2 referral cards and VIP unlimited Guests: $10/hr otherwise. Pistol: See Below Indoor: Fourteen 50 yard ports, Twenty-six 25 yard ports, total 40 ports Rifle: Yes up to .338 Lapua Skeet: No Trap: No Pits: No Steel: No Extras: largest firearms selection in the tri-state.
  3. Sorry to disappoint the rumor mill, but this "incident" did not take place in or around RTSP Randolph or Union. Sounds like a wonderful attempt of "fake News" portrayed by the misinformed. See you at the range.
  4. RTSP1


    As Northern New Jersey’s premier indoor shooting range, store, and training facility, we provide you with an unparalleled venue for family and personal firearms enjoyment and education. We are located in Randolph, New Jersey, and occupy a 35,000 sq. ft. space – which includes a 15,000 sq. ft. training facility, 4,000 sq. ft. Shoot House, 900 sq. ft. Digital Simulator, and a 900 sq. ft. Dojo. We feature two ranges (25-yards and 15-yards) with electronic target retrieval systems (a total of 21 roomy ports), and a rental inventory consisting of more than 125 firearms. So, if you don’t own a gun and want to try one out, or if you see a gun in our rental section that you’ve always wanted to try, just let us know and it is yours to shoot! Our ranges can accommodate handguns, shotguns, and rifles (up to .308). Our friendly staff will be more than happy to help anyone from beginners to experts with getting on the range, finding the right training for your needs, or purchasing your next firearm. We offer one of the largest retail selections of firearms in the area, and we’ll work with anyone on getting that special gun if we don’t have it in stock.
  5. As you all can imagine, the past three years of getting this store up and running has been a journey for the ages. I appreciate all of you that took the time to come visit the shop and I know that as we progress through the next year, inventory and atmosphere will be doing nothing but grow. I must also admit that it is my own fault for not getting the word out on the forum and to that I apologize to all myfellow forum folks. As Randolph before, my door is always open to any of you that may have any needs, suggestions and or concerns. The staff here in Union is a bit new so we are working through the small stuff to really make this a great shooting experience for all of our dedicated customers. I am most easily contacted at my email: [email protected] and more than welcome contact from any and all of you. I do not easily forget the suggestions that were provided by many of you in the Randolph location and the growing pains were ALL of ours. This Union location will have similar growing pains and as before, I prefer to hear from you first and try and address it than getting off to a bad start with published complaints before a solution has been examined. If I don't do anything or fail to act, WELL, BASH AWAY!! HA HA Thank you again for backing us over the past seven years and I look forward to seeing you at the range.
  6. Yeah, damn JARHEADS! I found it as well after talking with one of my partners. Not really sure what his motivation was, didn't get into it. He is the "political" wing of the company, I am just a dumb "Ranger/ex-cop". The article is just stupid and we were not even looking in Union at the time, but the gist from what I read is that he was going more at the legislative side not the cops themselves. Hell, he is a part time cop as well! Anyway, I am advising my marketing department to leave it up. We have never taken down a post, to the best of my knowledge, and why start now. I own up to the fact that I was wrong and failed to look into the matter prior to my knee jerk reaction. We at RTSP are very committed to all LEO and civilians alike and know that the Union location will be a great addition to a large growing family of gun ranges in New Jersey. Thanks JR88USMC for pointing this all out. "Rangers Lead the Way"
  7. Well obviously, but the content of the article is still not authored by RTSP and still does hold legitimate nonsense as it relates to vetting firearms dealers. The scope of the letter, as in most liberal articles in the NJ.COM realm, is still ridiculous. We as responsible gun owners get that part, it is the "kiss ass" statement that is unwarranted and childish at best.
  8. NO, I do see it, but we did not write it. We reposted it. Didn't mean to sound so harsh.....just that this has been a long road and there is no reason to start muddying the water with crap from 4 years ago that has nothing to do with RTSP as the authors.
  9. That was a repost from an article, not a statement by RTSP or its ownership. It was posted for information only.
  10. OK, last thing..... LOl. Yes you can come see ME with your hero file of certificates and I will square you away. As far as the $125.00, I just spoke to my Director of Training and that course was developed on 06/16/2014 by a previous employee. The class was a bit more inclusive, my understanding, and though it was high then, it was also longer. Anyway, in reviewing it more closely, I am lowering it to $75.00 which in my opinion is more reasonable. Also, and for the record, I have always taken the members of this group as kind, well intentioned and responsible gun owners that have passion and pride for the industry. Likewise, I have taken a lot of guidance and advice to help grow this company and to that point I thank you all. My doors are always open and I am not stupid enough to not except change. Change for the betterment of my customers and the betterment of my wallet. lol
  11. You are just prodding at this point. childish real. I have said enough. If anyone should have anything further to say about this topic of SUBSTANCE, 961 St. Rt 10 E, Randolph, NJ 973-434-7600; Ext 101.
  12. Stop saying "Rip-off" it is rude! As far as the $125.00 holster class. It has always been our contention that if you have a certificate from a reputable source for drawing from the holster and that it is approved by an owner or the Director of Training, the fee is waved. It is an insurance issue not a us issue.
  13. That phrase is more than beat-up by the media and in know way do I mean it in any trivial context. That said, it is a home away from home. If this business is to fail, my legacy and my partners legacy and all of our lives savings go right in the crapper. It is more than just about insurance or guns. If you have a unique business that is always under the microscope, well things like this hurt and can make sleeping at night not so fun. It is personal!
  14. I am here all day, please stop by. first office in the training center.
  15. Agree to disagree. However your M9A3 is not NJ compliant. It cost money to make those guns compliant. Cost of that firearm to me is $815.00. I pay someone to make them compliant which is on average about $15.00 per magazine x 3. Here we go again, it is not $1100.00 in our store, it is $1030.00. So, $815.00 x 20%= $978.00. Add the compliance work $15.00 x 3 = $45.00. Add those numbers up = $1023.00. Again not a rip off! If you chose to not claim the taxes on gun purchased out of State then that is your business, even though your are required. I can't compete with that, and thankfully we have loyal customers that understand that and chose to keep businesses like ours going.
  16. As far as our pricing! Well I have said it before on this forum and it is no big secret. I get a firearm from a distributor at X price, we mark it up 20%. Members get 5% off of that price and employees get 10%. So using that model lets play math teacher. We buy a gun for $200.00, mark it up 20%, thats is $240.00. Member price is $228.00, Employees price is $$216.00. So on my outlay of $200.00 best case we get $40.00 worst case we get $16.00. Ammunition= Yes high for nonmembers, but average for members. making $7.00 on a box of nine or making $17.00 on non-members. Range time is average across the board.
  17. Sure you are entitled to an educated opinion, but as well am I. For you to say this is just inanimate objects, well that is just shallow. I spend over 50 hours a week in this building, my young children come here, it is like a second home to me and my partners. We were the first gun range in NJ in over 30 years. It is truly our home away from home, and thusly we cherish it as such. If you have any idea of the disgust that is felt when someone burglarizes what you feel is a save haven, well then maybe you would understand that it is NOT just insured STUFF. Having been a cop and having witnessed the pain of victimization through many years has more than hardened me to such things, but do not take it upon yourself to trivialize our situation.
  18. If you have a better business plan, have the guts to put your house your life savings and risk all you have to open a very very expensive business to operate, well have at it. Till then, keep your unfriendly comments about this tragedy to yourself. It is unfair and frankly classless. You have a suggestion to better our pricing? I am at the range most days 8-4 I am all ears.
  19. FYI, our incidents were 3 months apart not weeks. And though we appreciated the few customers that voiced concern, the policy changes were a joint effort with the NSSF, suicide prevention team and a group of range owners working in consortium. Those are the facts!
  20. That would be cool. 1911 would sell out!!
  21. The "Reveal" as Glock is calling it, will be midnight of the 26th. We are open to the public for shopping at 7am, I would guess there will be a line to get in.
  22. Those are good guesses. I am only a Glock guy because I carried one for twenty years, but this is kind of a big deal.
  23. Has to be something really different or why all the secrecy.
  24. I don't think it is that gun. We can't get them anyway.
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