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  1. I had no idea. I'm so so sorry! I don't mean to offend by republishing this. My intention is to try to prevent what happened to Carol from happening over & over in this Nazi state! In her memory I fight every day.... God Bless all her friends & family, and may the piece of shit that did this to her rot in hell! Rosey
  2. I'll wear my CNJFO orange t-shirt (not the sweatshirt in photo) with our YUGE shield logo on the back! And maybe, if I'm pissed enough or I see any orange shirt wearing Gun Nazi's, I'll wear my CNJFO "Thru in 22" safety vest: Rosey
  3. I write every day in hopes of reaching fence sitters, and maybe helping to SAVE LIVES of those that need a firearm the most. Empowered women and the kids they let learn "the ways of the gun" will save our precious 2nd Amendment. We fight every day. Thanks for your continued support & encouragement @Mrs. Peel Rosey
  4. Welcome to the Process. You'll do fine. Detentions in HS don't count. If you need any more help, hit us up. Two very important notes: 1. MAKE SURE YOUR REFERENCES GIVE YOU THEIR EMAILS CORRECTLY! 2. MAKE SURE YOUR REFERENCES ANSWER THEIR DAMN EMAIL IN A TIMELY FASHION! If you want to see how we fight for 2A rights, please visit https://www.cnjfo.com/News Rosey
  5. @njJoniGuy SMOKIN' IN THE BOYS ROOM! Be a Man & TURN IT UP! @Zeke might even approve!
  6. https://www.cnjfo.com/news/9013114?fbclid=IwAR1hFh70fg4OqFuM80qMhHDt3k0Qs2aYfYsjJ7XzJI6M5N5MPOJubY8xlIo The above link takes you directly to the CNJFO website for today's news story. From there you can read the entire accumulated depository of some of the best 2nd Amendment writing in New jersey and the entire country! Here's what I wrote as an "intro" to the original article. The original was written 2 years ago, on the third anniversary of her murder. HOW MANY MORE MUST DIE ON THE ALTAR OF GUN CONTROL? GUN RIGHTS ARE WOMEN'S RIGHTS! NJ MUST HATE WOMEN! by Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, Editor in-Chief Black Wire Media Wednesday June 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Carol "Cazzie" Bowne didn't have to die in her Berlin, NJ driveway while her newly-installed CCTV system captured it all! She was sacrificed by NJ politicians on the Altar of Gun Control. Because us mere Serfs don't deserve a fighting chance! Only the Elites do! They can CARRY their firearms while we're not "permitted due to LACK OF JUSTIFIABLE NEED"! In NJ only the DEAD qualify for a carry permit! 5 years later and we're still fighting for a Constitutionally-protected right of SELF DEFENSE! We have an idiot with a DISARMAMENT AGENDA for a Governor, along with his sidekick AG, who not only disregards the US Supreme Court requests for amicus briefs we file on cases with NJ Petitioners (Cheeseman #19-27), but also is fighting the reopening of indoor ranges that allow the very 2nd Amendment PRACTICE called for by our country's Founders in the Constitution! "Well Regulated" meant having a rifle, sufficient lead balls & powder, flints, patches, accoutrements, possibles bag, bed roll, hard tac (survival food), and be PRACTICED ENOUGH TO HIT YOUR TARGET! Ask any Constitutional Originalist and that's the answer you'll get! How many more "Cazzies" must DIE on this Altar of "FEEL-GOOD" gun control laws, which in reality, do nothing to stop crime and only assist in the needless compounded DELAYS encountered by the law-abiding residents of New Jersey? What number are YOU comfortable with, huh? And why when it comes to guns and self-protection do we not hear, "IF IT SAVES ONLY ONE LIFE"? Time to FIGHT? It starts WITH YOU! www.cnjfo.com/join-us THE ORIGINAL ARTICLE: 5 YRS & 43 DAYS AGO SHE WENT FOR A GUN PERMIT! HER NEWLY-INSTALLED CCTV CAPTURED HER MURDER! by Black Wire Media Wed. June 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com Carol "Cazzie" Bowne, age 39, was stabbed to death in her own driveway in Berlin, NJ five years ago today as her newly-installed closed circuit video surveillance system captured her homicide. Her estranged boyfriend, who later hung himself, also died. This didn't have to be. It was entirely PREVENTABLE, and just one more notch in the Anti-Gunner's long list of sacrifices at the Altar of GUN CONTROL! 5 years & 43 days ago Bowne feared for her life enough to go apply for a hand gun purchase permit. She was at her wit's end! The permanent Restraining Order had already been granted, the closed circuit surveillance system already bought & installed, and yet the threats & intimidation continued relentlessly. Day AND night. At work, at home, everywhere. Bowne was powerless to stop the onslaught of verbal & emotional encounters. That piece of paper didn't mean a thing to her Ex! She complained to the Berlin, NJ Police on MANY occasions! They STOPPED LISTENING like in the story of "The Boy who cried Wolf"! Bowne needed not only a firearm, she needed THE Unicorn of Unicorns, that small laminated piece of paper known far & wide to law-abiding gun owners in New Jersey as a "Permit To Carry"! Why you ask? Because even IF she was granted the purchase permit on Day #1 when she applied, she'd still be DEAD, and New Jersey gun law would still have had a hand in her death! How you ask? Well, it turns out that gun owners in New Jersey aren't considered worthy enough for self-protection with a concealed OR open-carried hand gun, and in fact just over 1,300 permits for CCW are currently active in a state with well over 9 MILLION residents! Most of them are issued to retired Police, and the balance to private security, bank guards and the connected elites. So even IF she would have been granted her purchase permit prior to her murder, IF she chose to FOLLOW NJ GUN LAW instead of risking arrest & imprisonment for 7 YEARS by keeping her equalizer WITH HER, the gun would be locked-away in her residence during her homicide because even domestic violence victims have NO RIGHT OF SELF-PROTECTION and therefore can't keep a loaded firearm with them in a vehicle! Bowne was stabbed to death in her driveway, as she was exiting her vehicle. So she needed a gun WITH HER IN THE VEHICLE, right? Why is New Jersey so ass-backwards when it comes to women's' rights? Worse yet, in a deplorable show of anti-gun showmanship, and at a Press Conference with his new "sidekick" Attorney General, Gov. Murphy reversed an Executive Order enabling a streamlining of the time-consuming purchasing process "hoops" that need jumped-through in order to legally purchase a firearm in this state! So all of the tears, the letters that the Bowne family wrote to Gov. Christie, especially her mom's that got published in the daily newspaper of record, the Burlington County Times, they all fell on deaf ears with an AGENDA to disarm New Jerseyians instead of putting domestic violence abusers in jail where they belong and providing for victims' pursuit of self-defense! You want to know why "the gun community" is riled-up this week? It's because more stupid sh!t laws have been piled onto us, the LEGAL gun owners! And we as a community are fed-up and NEED YOUR HELP! So whether or not you own a gun, write some letters to the Legislature AND the newspapers and do it for Cazzie! There's RIOTS in the streets and good people deserve to protect themselves when Police are told to stand-down! She didn't have to DIE! How many more Cazzie's will it take for NJ residents to stop being sheep? EDITOR's NOTE: We first ran this article 2 YEARS ago in hopes that NJ gun owners would wake-up and realize that we "Gun Nuts" are trying to protect YOUR Constitutional rights. Some listened, some JOINED, and some couldn't bother. Do you know someone that 'sat on the fence" and just decided to become a gun owner? Gift them an annual membership to the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, and JOIN or RENEW today! More work needs to be done! FIGHT DRACONIAN GUN LAW! www.cnjfo.com/join-us ---The Editor
  7. This thread is like driving for several hours with the kids in the back seat, asking for the umpteenth time, "ARE WE THERE YET?" ~R
  8. Hahaha! On a good day, MAYBE 6" @Pizza Bob. But at least no one can call me a schmuck (I answer to schmeckle, lol)! Mine shot the ass off a mouse. The S&W that is, lol! Slug is still in the linoleum (YES, there's a STORY there)! Have a great weekend Bob & hope to shoot with you soon! ~R
  9. A .22 is always a great choice! I've had a S&W K .22 Masterpiece for decades. A real tack-driver & a great trainer! Mine is the 8 3/8" barrel. It would have been at Old Bridge R&P Club's ladies Day at the Range again this year if not for the Covid closure... Here's Emily Cutts, then 15 in March of last year, at her private range in the Pines. Ruger .22 all tricked-out with TandemKross. She's a sponsored shooter. Her family are big 2A proponents.
  10. I think this thread is a solution looking for a problem. I don't get it. I was informed about the ownership & name change within minutes of the new website going up. I read it in its entirety, and found it quite helpful & enlightening. In fact, it was the most seamless transition one could ask for IMHO. And thoroughly explained, IN DETAIL, right down to lay-away, consignment balances and transfers all being taken care of. Jeff wants to retire, so no big deal. So as @Ray Ray said, everybody needs to "lighten-up". It's NOT as if the State of NJ came in & padlocked the place (like when the business was called Brick Armory & run by a guy who never paid taxes)! Tony is good people, and he deserves a break. Anything I can do to help them, I will! @High Exposure did a nice Copy & Paste to ease everyone's mind. The new website still lists The Well Armed Woman Jersey Shore OC Chapter as meeting & shooting there. I confirmed same with their Chapter Leader last night on a zoom meeting of TWAW. Considering Gov. Free Stuff still has the lid slammed down tight, I think WeShoot is doing a really nice job! Rosey
  11. Do you want a Facebook link? Or perhaps you could just "friend" Cheeseman? Or look up case #19-27 on SCOTUS website & search for what's in today's Conference? I'm busy as hell here with a water heater install & getting my wife's SUV out of the body shop. ~R
  12. @JackDaWack I didn't want to let this important morsel of fact fall by the wayside due to our resident instigator. Many years ago, at the annual Outdoor Show held at Raritan Center every January, the NJSP would have a booth manned by two spit-shined Troopers in full uniform with every crease in the right place. They were there to hand-out "NJ Firearms Laws brochures", a blue multi-fold, professionally printed piece on "index" heavy-duty paper. The Troopers were of course bombarded with questions from every angle, and from every level of intellect from all walks of life. They did the best they could, and carried-out their detail, as ordered. The blue index folding set of "Laws" looked more like "Stitch Jones's credit cards" that he took into battle in Grenada in the Clint Eastwood movie, "Heartbreak Ridge". I mean Gunny Highway would be proud as there were MANY folds in this thing, lol! The NJ firearms laws reminded everyone that everything was ILLEGAL, and started out that way. And for some reason, in multiple subsections, machine guns were listed so they must've been on double secret illegality status. This index printed piece was printed by NJSP. It listed all the important stuff, like what's considered an assault weapon, machine gun (there we go again!), etc., etc., and even had some of the obvious contradictory laws written in chapter & verse. Of course firearms transportation was covered, and the laws were printed verbatim, so "INTRASTATE" was never utilized. Here's the kicker: The Troopers were told to answer all questions pertaining to firearms law by saying, "Read the Brochure". On the very last "side" of this "Stitch Jones" fold-out, in fine print, it stated (I'm paraphrasing here from YEARS ago, so please bear with me), "NO PART OF THIS BROCHURE MAY BE USED AS A STATEMENT OF ACTUAL LAW. NJ LAWS CHANGE FREQUENTLY AND ARE SUBJECT TO THE INTERPRETATION OF COUNTY PROSECUTORS AND RELEVANT CASE LAW." So........needless to say, after several #2AHeavyLifters (myself included) bombarded the Troopers in the Booth with pertinent & timely questions NOT ANSWERED in their mega fold-out, the following year NJSP were nowhere to be found at the Outdoor Show! Mario Van Peebles, aka "Stitch Jones" from the Grenada Medical School shower scene in "Heartbreak Ridge". Grenada was real, and one of my grooms was rescued during this operation.
  13. Have FUN & remember that your Yellow Card gets you to your friend's place with any NJ compliant long gun, so all is not lost! ~R
  14. SCOTUS Conference. 10 cases. Cheeseman posted about it on several pages. Just one of the many things lost on folks w/o Facebook...
  15. Let me start by saying IANAL nor do I play one on TV. This scenario of yours is somewhat hairsplitting, however it's answered in the following manner: Are you a firearms instructor of some sort? IDPA, USPSA, NRA, NMLRA, NROI, BSA, etc.? I ask this because instructors are allowed to go to any home made range where it's NOT illegal to discharge firearms for the purpose of instruction, and can do so legally. In addition, it is my understanding that adults may wish to play "Show & Shoot" in said woods / range. Provided you're a member of a club that provides a list of its members' names (no addresses, phone numbers, socials) to the Superintendent of the NJ State Police "on an annual basis as prescribed in this chapter", and you break no discharge ordinance, temporary transfers ("Show & Shoots", aka "HERE, try MINE") are completely legal. So much like an American Express card, "membership has its privileges". As I do not know if Range 14 sends their member info to NJSP, I can't give you a direct yes or no opinion. Do you belong to a second, third or fourth private CLUB that DOES? FWIW the club needn't have a state registered range to conduct operations. They can use (be given) or lease land for that purpose. Does your friend want to register their "Club" & file an annual tax form on a postcard? There's more than one way to "slice the gabagool"... Food for thought: As a reenactor, I was asked to bring several muzzleloaders (long guns) onto school property (in North Jersey) for the express purpose of letting middle schoolers (while wearing eyes & ears) pour explosives, ram wadding, and fire blank charges of the Holy Black during a Living History annual event that a club I was a member of ran for the school. In fact, the school board paid the group to be there (as a donation). I ran the percussion station, one of 17 or 18 that day, as part of a full-day program, and did so with my 10 ga. SxS for several years running. And we all know that NJ considers EVERYTHING, including a BB gun, to BE A GUN! The entire event was blessed by the CLEO & the BOE President, who signed the check... As a BSA Merit Badge Counselor & adult volunteer shooting instructor with a local Venturing Crew (boys & girls up to 20 year old), I was invited to teach marksmanship to the Crew at a deer camp in the Pines of South Jersey. All the instructors brought toyz. One guy showed up with the Dirty Harry .44 Auto Mag. So there we are, at a club where NJSP are MEMBERS, teaching kids that don't belong to us (WE'RE JUST VOLUNTEERS) how to shoot The .44 AUTO MAG. Draw your own conclusions & bring a blanket. For the gabagool in the cooler: And here's me in white (my bare-bones Mountain Man outfit) doing the school program. The canvas is called a "Fly". It an the taxidermy animals belong to a great friend of mine. Check out the rifle rack. We had BACK-UP
  16. @WP22 thanks for the tag! You are correct. As punctuation matters! Comma, OR LOCKED IN THE TRUNK OF AN AUTOMOBILE.... @Decastro458 FWIW an UNLOADED hand gun wrapped in brown craft paper & tied with bakery string is a secured package. Secured enough for a little old lady to throw on her front seat next to her as she transports her SECURED PACKAGE to an appraiser, gun store, gunsmith, to the range, etc., etc. All EXEMPT locations WITHIN the state of NJ. Please don't take this the wrong way, but you're not the only person driving around with hand guns in a SUV. Oak Ridge Firearms is a NJ FFL. They posted the correct info, so you can take it to the bank! @WP22 did also. WP tagged me so I'm here. With 48 years of firearm handling experience as a NJ resident, and VP of NJ's most active 2A organization, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO). https://www.cnjfo.com/news First thing you have to do is promise me you'll never look at the actual laws OR the NJSP website pages that have the supposed laws printed on them. Why you might ask? Answer is simple! The laws contradict each other to the point of confusion, so you're better off studying the EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS that allow us mere Peasants to own, handle, possess, and transport firearms. For all possession starts out its sordid life as INHERENTLY ILLEGAL, and only exists in the hands of us Serfs through the use of said EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS! Go back & read that AGAIN! Transporting firearms is like breathing air. It's easy if you don't ask permission or get OPINIONS on a forum where actual gun ownership or state residence isn't required...meaning the EXEMPTIONS are your friend! Most new shooters automatically confuse themselves with INTERSTATE transportation rules (FOPA) and apply these more stricter rules to INTRASTATE (that means strictly within the 21 counties of NJ) transportation of firearms. For some unknown reason, our lawyer/politicians employ Stu-nad's to type the Bills (because the politico's are much too busy screwing us) whose vocabulary never contained the word INTRASTATE. The world would be so much simpler if they did! Here's some REALITY: Attending a hand gun action match at a local private club, even as a visitor that isn't shooting, will open up your mind to what is actually done by competitors as they travel the circuit both within NJ and traversing several states for regional & national competitions. Many of them travel in SUV's. Some follow the more stricter "FOPA Rules" just in-case, and competitors traveling into NJ from out of state usually do so always. WAIT....WHAT? Non-residents bring hand guns INTO NJ w/o a NJFPID card? How can this be when NJSP website says it's a CRIME? LOL! Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus! Read on please! Others like me (who MOSTLY stay inside NJ's 21 counties to compete) will load mags at home, and grab their pistol bag w/ 4 unloaded hand guns, and put the loaded mags in the same bag, but in a separate compartment (my bag is YUGE). Flip open the tailgate of the SUV, and place said gun bag (unlocked, with zippers closed) just inside the tailgate, as far away from the driver as can be. Then we'll throw a blanket over the whole shebang. DONE! On to the match! Upon arriving, I don't EVER NEED to seek-out bolt cutters for those tiny "feel-good" padlocks on zippers OR regular size locks on my .50 cal ammo cans. I just shoot the match since I don't have keys to locks THAT DON'T EXIST to LOSE.... Gun ownership in NJ is "AT YOUR OWN PERIL"! A sitting NJ Superior Court Judge said so, as is often quoted. Learn the EXEMPTIONS & the EXCEPTIONS. Don't concern yourself with asking permission to breathe air. Meaning, don't fall into the trap set by left-wing politico's to make you second guess everything you do with your firearms. Become educated on HOW to exercise your EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS! And if you have some spare coin, please consider joining CNJFO here: https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us And now for your entertainment pleasure, a video of @Krdshrk & I at a private range last month in Free Amerikka: Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, VP Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO)
  17. Waiting is good! Cause you are right! See next post! Rosey
  18. Gives "Taco Tuesdays" a whole new meaning, lol! ~R
  19. It really depends upon what you're trying to do with your shotty. Please tell me whatcha wanna do from the list below so I can recommend specific places to visit: Clays? Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays? Some clubs frown on certain shotty's. Def. no shockwaves or riot (HD) guns at Lehigh FYI! Standing in a shooting port at an indoor range shooting paper & zombies? Bench resting at 50 & 100 yards outdoors shooting magnum slugs? Offhand at 50 yards w/ slugs? Knockdown Steel at a private club's outdoor range using birdshot? 3-Gun USPSA Action Shooting? That scratches the surface as far as pumpin' lead thru yer scattergun...the world is your oyster. All you need to do is tell us whatcha wanna do so I can come up with the proper answers. Rosey Pic of my son & I at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays:
  20. @W2MC One explosion at a time. And if rotten eggs smell are a deal-breaker, ya might as well stay home, lol!
  21. Here's tonight's piece on range opening discrimination: https://www.cnjfo.com/news/8978018?fbclid=IwAR3N0Nd25LKl3nD0mMy_1zPFNGvPewA9wVsLLiLrPX2mynT3XGRzutH4w0I Maybe save the address for our news blog so you stay more informed... Here's my article w/ John Petrolino's artwork: 2ND AMENDMENT SNUBBED; INDOOR RANGES SOL! NJ's OUTDOOR RANGES CAN REOPEN 6AM FRIDAY! by Black Wire Media Mon. May 18, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Tooth & nail, inch-by-inch, that's how the new frontier of the 2nd Amendment is fought for today here in New Jersey. But at what price? As gun owners adjust weekend plans to go shooting at both outdoor commercial ranges and private shooting clubs' OUTDOOR FACILITIES throughout the state, we ask ourselves doesn't the Second Amendment apply to ALL RANGES? Especially in more densely populated urban areas of northern Jersey where mostly INDOOR firing ranges exist? We think so! Don't get us wrong. We're not ungrateful. We're as happy as everyone else is to report the lawsuit & injunction, filed by ANJRPC, that threatened the Murphy administration by proving a clear-cut pathway down the road of unconstitutionality, WORKED! And kudos to all involved in the effort! We want to go PEW just as bad as you all! We understand the dynamic of how the Courts work, and why the reopening of indoor & outdoor ranges were separated due to a combination of factors, including but not limited to Murphy's videotaped disdain for all things 2A, stated in his own words at several Press Conferences, as well as citing multiple examples of other outdoor recreational activities being allowed WITHOUT the threat of a lawsuit. Playing golf isn't covered in specific in the Bill of Rights. There's no Amendment for that activity. Our belief: The Second Amendment not only covers OWNERSHIP & BEARING (AKA CARRY!) of firearms, it also covers PROFICIENCY through PRACTICE! For the often misconstrued term "Well Regulated" as far as the Militia is concerned, had a significant meaning that historians agree upon and now only Reenactors teach at Living History events. The term "Well Regulated" means having your rifle, sufficient black powder, patching & lead balls, flints to make spark, possibles bag, tools, hard tac (survival rations), canteen, bed roll, and BE SUFFICIENTLY PRACTICED in its use so as to enable oneself to be called upon to DEFEND LIBERTY! How? By hitting what you're aiming at! So at its base, the 2nd Amendment provides for the ability to PRACTICE WITHOUT RESTRAINT! One can't do that at a closed indoor range. So closing indoor ranges is yet another INFRINGEMENT, plain & simple! Here's praying the indoor ranges won't have to file a separate suit to get our anti-2A Governor to comply! The Militia was US! And guess what! It STILL IS! Farmers, cobblers, laborers, tanners, coopers, trappers, glass blowers, virtually all walks of life in ANY trade! Back then Washington's Troops were a hodge-podge, but most were WELL REGULATED! EDITOR's NOTE: As a Reenactor with a very modest clothing outfit of the time period, and having been named the country's first Double Distinguished Expert in black powder muzzleloading, and having been a presenter at several Living History Days with his percussion rifle ON SCHOOL GROUNDS in NJ, our Vice President, David "Rosey" Rosenthal, can tell you factually that PRACTICE itself is a prerequisite to fulfill the Second Amendment, and anything else is INFRINGEMENT! ---THE EDITOR
  22. The private shooting club. MCRPC = Monmouth County Rifle & Pistol Club, adjacent to Monmouth Co. Airport, on the Wall Twp. & Howell Twp. border. To my knowledge they're still closed due to Covid. ~R
  23. AH! There's the road I helped pay for! Back when I was Member #110! ~R
  24. Actually, believe it or not, the RECOIL of a 12 ga low-brass shot shell is enough to make the slicked-up action "self-extract" on my Winchester Model 1300 Featherweight pump shotty. Look to my right for the black shotshell. This image, taken by @Krdshrk Here's the photo caption from the CNJFO Facebook page of August 21, 2016: DON'T DO THIS AT HOME KIDS! Rosey needs a little mustard to go with the "Hot-Doggin'"! No clay left in the sky & a self-ejected low-brass 12 ga. 3-dram hull in mid-air means he DUSTED the clay employing "strong-hand-ONLY" shooting technique which he perfected at Old Bridge R&P Club years ago. He now averages 50% on these "Trick-Shots"! Many great clay busters attended, some bringing 4-5 scatterguns for unarmed folks to try their hand at clays shooting. The group of NJGF members always "Police their own" by watching muzzle direction & obeying all safety rules. Several bring the new electric throwers, so multiple cases of birds get blown to bits. If you ever thought about learning how to break some clays, consider yourself invited & follow the group on New Jersey Gun Forums. (Photo by Nick Wong) — with David Rosenthal, Steve Orson and Nick Wong at Clinton Wildlife Management Area.
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