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  1. nuffice

    New RPD Question

    What does it have a 10rd belt?
  2. I can't believe there's no one local tho lol jesus
  3. No one in the state can take a fsb off put a new one on with a muzzle brake unreal.
  4. Haha glen do you know who does that kind of work?
  5. Because my front sight block is canted and from what I have read the barrel shroud has to be cut off to make a brake fit. But I don't know because I am not a smith.
  6. they have this for sale old fsb has to come off this has to be put on bayo lug removed and have the brake pinned or welded on. But Im not sure who would be able to do this http://www.dinzagarms.com/saiga_762x39/74fsb.html
  7. Id love to get one put on. Pm me info if possible
  8. Is there any way to put a brake on these?
  9. They have great reviews on all the forums ill give it time
  10. from what I understand the 7.62x39's dont need a bullet guide you have to trim them to make them fit. but who knows Ill find out when they get here I guess
  11. Waste of time thermolds don't require a bullet guide. I ordered a few days ago have not heard anything
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