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  1. Has anyone from Mine hill or Wharton applied and or got their permit?
  2. I'm going to try whittingham next week for chukars. its a 35 minute drive
  3. No way i would submit my dog to the orange army. I had him out a black river sat and sun, didnt find any birds. Ill go after next chukar stocking too. I never bought my dogs first thing opening day, generally waited till the afternoon. Black river is about 7 minutes from me and the other WMA's are not far either. Im in Mine Hill near Randolph. Would definitely like to get him on some birds prior to season
  4. Just curious if there are any upland hunters here. Possibly meet up at a WMA during the season. I have a young pup training, hes green AF . Chesapeake bay retriever. Im in Morris county
  5. https://cwrex.freshfromflorida.com/ I renewed mine or should i say applied for a new one because i let it lapse for over 6 months. Its pretty simple either way. i dont think you need to submit new print card, but you do need a recent photo . Its all explained on the site
  6. USPSA not only helps you with your shooting skills and situational awareness. ITS A BOAT LOAD OF FUN ! There are not as many matches in NNJ as there used to be prior covid and the 10 round mag law.
  7. Im waiting for the bubble to burst and it will. When i see that the housing market has plummeted to the depths Im going to buy In FL . back in 2013 i saw developed sub divisions where i could have bought lots for $2500-$5000 north port, Charlotte harbor areas hind sight is 20/20. Beautiful homes for $200k-300k and they were not small homes and relatively new
  8. total WTF. Approve it or deny it.what guidance do they need? Send the packet to the fkn court if they approve it based on what has been stated by the AG . not really much different then applying for a PP aside from the added redundant hoops we have to jump through
  9. There was a 1.7 around 4:00 PM then a 2.3 around 5:30PM I felt the latter in Mine Hill. Next to Dover.
  10. oneshot

    Lever guns

    ill let my grandfather know when i see him in the next life. He wasn't worried about the purist of today he was more interested in putting food on the table back then . The days of wooden ships and iron men .
  11. oneshot

    Lever guns

    I wonder what my 1927 mod94 30-30 is worth now. it was my grandfathers, he shot a boat load of deer with it. has a scope on it. The scope mount is on the side, open sites with slide adjustable rear sight. Would never sell it.
  12. there should be at the least consistency in the requirements. Actually the only requirement should be that you are legally allowed to own a firearm. the constitution does the rest. perhaps i was hasty in my response.I do believe that training is essential if you plan to carry
  13. If true those "places" should be outed . There is a reason for qualification requirements. Carrying is no fkn joke, Its as serious as it gets and should be treated as such ,especially by the people/establishments who are giving the qualification course and clearly charging for the service
  14. Who if anyone has used a relative as a reference? I cant find anything that says you can't , My local PD doesn't seem to want to respond to the question
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