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  1. Put one on my mini14 hate it as well. bulky heavy I prefer the wood on the mini14. My M1 is McMillian
  2. dems / liberal aholes are trying their best to block him (Gorsuch) ..Scumbags
  3. oneshot

    BBQ rigs

    charcoal or wood coals the only true BBQ . Weber charcoal grill
  4. 4th rule. If it makes you happy then fck the first 3 haha
  5. I quit smoking myself . I dont think that you can ever get rid of that smell completely. I dont mind the smell of a cig burning but i do dislike the smell of smoke on people.. i finally realize what all the fuss was about..
  6. GFI is required in garages . R15 or R21 depending on framing . Now the code is arc fault breakers and they are about $30-40 each T-baill got it . lots of outlets, I would go all 20 amps as he said .maybe even a 100 amp sub panel haha just for shits and giggles. Got to have a beer fridge, circuit for a stick welder and circuit for the 180 amp mig welder. Small metal lathe and surface grinder, maybe a tiny CNC machine lol
  7. A Ahhh i love people who approach things with common sense and knowledge ! The mass hysteria over this topic lol omg run run run run.. People unarmed with any factual information just spewing what they think they might know that they heard from billy bobs cousin the pig farmer,. Thank you for bringing common sense ,knowledge and facts to the subject.. I see no reason to add any other information
  8. I did them and its a huge improvement over the stock trigger.. Well worth it. Pretty much anyone who has one has done the upgrades
  9. thats a great deal. I love mine, fun and accurate AF
  10. Dropped triple play over 2 years ago. All i have is internet ,netflix and hulu. I dont miss cable tv at all and i save $80 .. optimum can kiss my ass if they think i will ever pay 160+ for a bunch of crap programming
  11. Another useless bunch of BS .. This state ,this country is about over. NJ the armchair warrior capitol of the USA. 1/100th of 1% of people in this state would roll over in a second before taking a real stand against this tyrannical Govt .. good luck with any gun law ever getting better here
  12. I have never been salmon or steelhead fishing. But those pics got me thinking. I think im going to plan a trip. How many hours drive is it to decent fishing areas ?
  13. I believe he meant fight in the figurative sense . I'm not buying anything i have no more room for guns or ammo. ehhh maybe i could fit 2000 more rounds somewhere
  14. You mean forum members? 1,8% at best. the rest will hope the 1.8% can do the job they wont.. I see this is a non political site now huh. No political discussions allowed? I dont mean in this particular thread. i mean in general
  15. Every politician in this state should be lynched hey are all as corrupt as the day is long
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