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  1. These are still available...bumped with a price drop, was busy with kids during the school year, time for these to go! Thanks for looking!
  2. Bumping them back up...open to offers, thanks for looking!
  3. Have available a pair of AR-10s that I built this summer but have decided to part with to fund other projects. Both rifles new and unfired and are very similar, but have a few differences in barrels and triggers. Both rifles share the following - Stag 10 Upper/Lower Receivers Anderson 308 Buffer Kit and Extension (uses standard AR-15 extension with a heavy "slash" buffer and 308 spring) MOE Fixed Carbine Stocks Troy MRF 308 Quad Rail FF Hand Guards Fulton Armory Nickel Boron BCG Fulton Armory Stainless Gas Tube Anderson 308 Charging Handle Hogue Grips 10 Round 7.62 PMAG (1 each) Here is where they differ - Rifle 1 - Fulton Armory/Criterion Light Weight 1x10 Chrome Lined Match barrel with rifle length gas system, originally 18.5" threaded but I had the threads removed, now just shy of 17.5" with target crown (work done by Adco Firearms) SLR Melonite Micro Gas Block ALG QMS Trigger Rifle 2 - Fulton Armory/Criterion M110 1x10 410 Stainless with rifle length gas system, originally 20" threaded but I had the threads removed, barrel cut back to 18" with target crown, re-contoured to medium weight and had the barrel finished with mattle black KG Gun Cote (work done by Adco Firearms) Knight's Armament (KAC) Low Profile Gas Block Larue MBT Trigger (with Magpul enhanced trigger guard installed) Asking $950 for Rifle 1 (almost $1600 into it) and $995 (over $1800 into it) for Rifle 2. Shipping to your dealer (lower 48) included in price. Send PM and we can go from there, thanks for looking!
  4. Full Metal Jacket Gun Range https://www.fmjgunrange.com/
  5. A pair of Surefire Earpro's (pick the size model that best suits you) with the Leight electronic muffs over the top have worked exceptionally well for me.
  6. I was told at the counter Freedom Munitions was allowed but have not actually tried shooting it there.
  7. Great, ty, just got 5k CCI, mix of SPP and LPP
  8. I have found it locally when needed, so yes, so far so good.
  9. Very nice. I've got the Ruger in 22lr for my kids and the 93R17 Savage in the TR model (your's looks like a BTV?) which has the McMillan-ish stock for Dad. Had all kinds of feed problems initially with the Savage. The magazines fit too loose and they dropped down just a little bit and did not allow the rounds to chamber. I had to pinch the back of the mags a little bit (the wings that ride up the guide) so they fit tighter and has been perfect since. 3-4 light taps with a rubber tipped hammer did the trick on each wing. The issue is described here - If your mags are loose, fix it before you even go to the range to avoid frustration.
  10. $18 was for background check and is now done online at a cost of $20 (+$2 online fee). If going through NJSP you will only need check for $2/permit made out to Divsion of State Police. More info here in this recent post - http://njgunforums.com/forum/index.php/topic/68599-fpid-p2p-application-process/
  11. Very happy with my Vortex Crossfire 1-4 with v-brite reticle. Actually had a 1-4 PST and decided I liked this better. It's in your price range.
  12. A vortex 2.5-10 FFP is on my SPRish build...
  13. Yes, thanks about RR, first place I went. No updates on RR since 2013 (added a prosecutor talkgroup). Put a post up on their forums a couple days ago and haven't gotten any response that helps. Thanks for posting about Burlington, I listen to the SE Burl Co stuff and that has been silently recently, as well, will check RR for those updates and see if I can get that going again.
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