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  1. Want to buy once fired 30-06 and 10mm brass. No loaded ammo. PU near I80. May also be interested in 30 caliber bullets if I'm buying brass as well.
  2. Standard garden centers that also put together extensive holiday displays and attractions. I'll link the FGC YouTube videos later
  3. I was sad to see the Fountains of Wayne building was demolished today, and even more sad to find out Fairfield Garden Center was closed after I googled it. Are there any great 'seasonal' places like these left? I loved going to each of these as a kid for Halloween and Christmas. The displays were a holdover from the past and unfortunately are a dying breed.
  4. I would consider 240k 'permanent residence' pricing. Everyone has different opinions on $$$, but I couldn't imagine buying a second residence at that price. Ideally, I'd love a bungalow
  5. Once upon a time average people built summer homes on the Jersey Shore, Lake Hopatcong, Poconos, etc. Over time as the land became valuable these seem to have disappeared Do affordable summer homes still exist on the Jersey shore? I briefly looked and only saw tenement condos in Atlantic City. I'm in no shape to buy a vacation home, but it's nice to dream. The only average people who own vacation homes seem to have them passed down from family.
  6. When focusing my view is quite sharp.. but my photos not so much. I don't see any adjustability in my rangefinder. Is it possible to adjust one?
  7. I'm having focus issues. My close up pictures are blurry 50+ feet, no problem. Shots are nice and crisp. 3-15 feet and my photos are coming out very out of focus. I am lining up the edges in my rangefinder but everything is blurry on my developed photos. I had someone at the camera store/lab take a few shots and their photos were even more blurry. This is all across various lighting and aperture settings. I was using Fuji 200 speed film shot at 100. Any suggestions? User error? Mechanical issue? I compared my rangefinder distances with a tape measure. It appears correct. This is on my Argus C4
  8. My developed photos were outdoor only, sorry. I'd prefer to stick to one film speed. My available shutter speeds are 10, 50, 100, and 300. I'm going to keep learning by trial and error!
  9. My first roll of film is very overexposed. I was not aware of bumping up one F stop because I was shooting 200 film at 100. That should actually help in low light, correct? I was taking pictures of my pets at 2.8 in a darkish room. I wonder if it will display anything. I want to keep shooting 200 speed film at 100 to keep learning at this time, but I should probably jump to 1/300 if taking pictures in snow or on a beach, no? How abysmal is 200 speed in an average indoor setting at my speed? Should I accelerate my speed to 1/50?
  10. Yes, but my confusion arises with being unable to set my shutter speed to 200. It's 100 or 300
  11. So.. My Argus has shutter speeds of 10, 50, 100, 300. If using 200 speed film, what should my speed be? I have my first canister being developed. I'm going to be bummed when they're all horribly exposed.
  12. Malice, thank you. Unique has the best pricing so far at $11.99 for 36 exposures. $9 for 24. Place closest to me is $15
  13. Costco was actually $2 until two years ago when they dropped it. I'm dabbling in film for the fun of it
  14. Can anyone recommend somewhere affordable to develop rolls of 35mm film? The new norm seems to be $20/roll. At those prices I should build a darkroom
  15. Wow. I am.. deeply saddened. It really beats me up as I tried tracking him down for months. Ed was.. Ed. I once posted on this site that I knew cad and was going to school, and a few PMs later I was his intern. It was a truly humbling and wonderful experience that greatly helped my career. I will always be grateful for the oppurtunity he provided and the hospitality he possessed. Ed was a truly humble and kind person, abseloutely crazy but never anything but nice. Damn. Edit: Jesus, I never knew his tag was different on PAFOA. Reading about his condition was horrible. I hope to God he listened to my voicemails. Second edit: There are several threads on the main forum illustrating his deteriorating condition. It is abseloutely heartbreaking and horrible. I don't know what the inital cause is but it makes me sick to know what he went through. I abseloutely regret not seeing him since I moved to PA. Triple Edit: One day, I need to post a "Stories from Working for Mipafox" thread. News of his passing is really beating me up..
  16. Interlock is not available for my panel.
  17. But even these instructions state to feed a sub panel or a single load. I'm looking to feed my whole panel
  18. I need help finding a transfer switch. I'm looking for something that would essentially work as a disconnect switch. Disconnect grid power, connect to a 30 amp recepticle which I would be fed from a generator. It seems most transfer switches mimic a sub panel. It obviously helps idiots not overload their generators.
  19. I was fortunate to have gas hot water during Sandy. Hot showers were nice and it kept family less miserable which helped my sanity. Current home has electric hot water. I plan on connecting my generator to my house panel a few hours a day to do basic things. I know there are many, many variables to play with, but on average how long does it take a HW tank to heat, and how quickly will a HW tank lose it's temperature when not powered?
  20. No obits, didn't return my calls, etc. I could drive to his address assuming Google is correct, but I don't want to get shot.
  21. From a quick search on EBay it seems that there is a line going to and from the oil pump which would constitute the entire oiling system. I have some YouTube research to do but it seems cheap enough to just replace it all. Thanks!
  22. My 039 seemed to not be getting oil. Chain getting hot quick, not cutting well, smoking, etc. I cleaned the daylights out if it. Ran briefly with no bar to ensure oil is coming out of the orifice. Cleaned bar, cleaned oil hole in bar, cleaned chain, and everything around the sprocket. No results. Saw looked like this after running. It appears that the saw might be leaking? Again, this was after a minute of running and was spotless before. Using Stihl bar oil. Chain looked wet but not slinging oil. Oil adjustment screw maxed
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