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  1. WTS: S&W M&P40 Compact mags 10 rd - New in package $25 for both.
  2. Want to trade 500 excellent quality .223 55 gr. for 750 brass case 9mm. FTF only. Can travelfrom Morris County. Thanks
  3. 13 boxes of 50 rds. Excellent fresh ammo. Rifles just likes heavier pills. Selling for what I paid minus shipping $13.50 per box of 50 or $170 for all. FTF only - no shipping. Located in Morris County - Rockaway Twp. But can meet anywhere between Morris and Bergen Thanks~
  4. If I'm correct: By completing an 80% receiver, you are considered a manufacturer. And under NFA, manufacturers must register and number operational receivers.....and how about YOU chill and have a civil discussion about it.
  5. Probably not a popular opinion, but face it...completing an 80% and not registering is a direct violation of the law...period.
  6. Yup, about 9 lb. Meant mainly for the bench.
  7. Here's my latest build. had it up to CR, and she performed flawlessly...not a glitch: Mega SBU Upper Douglas .936 and matched bolt by CLE Noreen Lower TiN BCG Seekins SP3R rail AR Gold flat trigger Xtreme 6-24x30 Royal Grip Magpul MOE Royal Bronze / Black Oxide Duracoat. ....hope you like.
  8. Agreed. Going with a micro gasblock.
  9. Hoping to get some guidance on this one. I have a .936 barrel with a fairly beefy gasblock on a Mega SBU billet upper. I doesn't touch the handguard but there's about enough clearance to slip a business card between. No muzzle device, but I'm still wondering if it's too close during barrel whip. I can simply go with a micro gasblock if necessary, but not sure if I'm worrying for nothing. Thanks
  10. Always wanted one, A good friend gave it to me for helping him out recently....Got some HXP .303 coming in...can't wait!
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