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  1. This is the best stuff out there. I use it every year for hunting like religion, NEVER had a tick on me. http://sawyerdirect.net/item.cfm?prodid=CP22200
  2. An AVID hunter of dogs here. How close do they need to be for a fast efficient shotgun kill? (within 50 yards with T shot and full choke) What's been your best technique in getting them to come into you close? (good luck! LOL!! Try to hunt over a stream or something to block your smell) What type of cover? (any and all) How far have they gone after being shoot with a shotgun? (Depends on the shot placement) How many have you actually shot? (Not looking for "I heard" or "I know a guy who") (Shot 1 in 5 years, heard about 1000).... Good luck, they dont call them wiley coyotes for nothng. There is nothing better than hunting at night under the moon.
  3. If you need some outside views, GET SOME WINDOWS!! HEYOOO!!!!!!!!!
  4. Just get one there. The taximan will get you in touch with the local rude boy....
  5. You dont need to give your address to anyone to be freed from jail. DUH. Do I need an address to be free? NO!
  7. I can take 2-3, so let me know. Thanks
  8. Im close...I cant wait to create signs this week..I will tell you based on personal knowledge that there are some PRO2A people on the town council and planning board of Teaneck NJ....
  9. Without question Amex. I have a platinum card and a starwood card. Both have EXCELLENT rewards programs. Check it out
  10. what are the NJ2AS AND NRA doing for us on this issue?
  11. this sucks. Thank you for clearing that up.
  12. oh, ok. from what I have been hearing there is no response for like 15 days now, so I guess that option goes out the window.
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