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  1. Plasma133


    I'm very interested in building my next AR. I already have a Ruger SR-556 piston AR and I have nothing but praise for it. The only knock I can give it is the monolithic upper that I can't replace the barrel or op-rod should I ever have to. Thus, I would like to have a DI as well. Could you send me a parts list of what you used and the approximate price including the tools? Thanks, -Plasma133
  2. Thanks Displaced Texan, 5th4x4 and everyone else who replied, I checked on AR15.com for your response. I just ordered the TAPCO stock and barrel combined wrench with an ACE Entry Skeleton stock as I'm about 5'8." The fixed stock that came on my rifle was too long for me so I needed to replace it with a shorter one. I'm just glad with the ACE, although I haven't received it yet, will enable me to not have to pay someone else to do it for me. -Plasma133
  3. Hello Everyone, Thanks for all the help I've received so far. I have a Ruger SR556 NJ state compliant model with the fixed position "collapsible stock." Would anyone know if this stock is an actual collapsible stock that has just been pinned, or if it is only a collapsible stock look-a-like? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Also, I live in Bergen County. Is it possible to purchase a collapsible stock online and bring it to a gunsmith to pin it to a position that better fits me and then replace my stock? In it's current state, my rifle stock is pinned all the way in the most extended position possible, which is far too long for me to wield properly. What gunsmiths in Bergen County would you recommend for any of these processes and at what cost? Or would it be possible for me to purchase a shorter length fixed position stock such as a skeleton stock and replace it on my own? What tools would I need should I need any? Respectfully, -Plasma133
  4. Hello everyone, I've been on this site for months now and I'm interested in buying the new Ruger 10/22 takedown with the threaded barrel and flashhider to add to my collection. So my question is, is this rifle legal to own in the state of New Jersey? I understand that it only has 10 round magazines. No pistol grip is on this firearm. And so I feel that this rifle is legal, but I would like a group opinion. http://www.impactguns.com/ruger-1022-takedown-22lr-threaded-barrel-and-flash-hider-10-rnd-mag-11112-736676111121.aspx http://www.ruger.com/products/1022Takedown/specSheets/11112.html Respectfully, Plasma133
  5. Plasma133


    Does the new GFH range in northern NJ allow steel cased ammo? Thanks, -Plasma133
  6. Does anyone know if this rifle made by Arsenal has a threaded barrel that is just capped? Thanks, -Plasma133
  7. Just turned in the application today in Hackensack 6/2
  8. Which websites have you used to purchase your AK variants? Which ones ship the fastest/ more reliably? Thanks, -Plasma133
  9. As I am under 21 I do not plan on purchasing handgun ammunition. I plan on purchasing 7.62x39 ammunition.
  10. Am I allowed to purchase ammunition online and possess it in N.J. if I don't have my FOID yet? Thanks, -Plasma133
  11. Do we need to have an employer on the application? I return to college in the Fall and where I'm working is only temporary. Thank you, Plasma133
  12. I just called him and ordered 10 magazines from him. I can't wait to get them. He should have about 20 left.
  13. On the form there is a space for a witness, do we need to have a witness sign that I accept the form? Thank you, -Plasma133
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