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  1. If you want a good insight into the ATF, read Mike Detty's "Guns across the border" or "Operation wide receiver".  Based on the author account, if he hadn't kept great records and recorded every interaction with ATF, he probably would've ended up in jail (all while they're telling him he was cooperating and on their side to help fight illegal arms trafficking). And this was back in the Obama/Holder era.


  2. Thanks, I'll get someone out to service the freon.  At least it  cools eventually, and it's not too hot yet, so I don't need service immediately. 

    The Mrs actually tried heat mode today and said that it got hot pretty quick.

  3. Any HVAC experts or there?

    I have a mini split in one room and noticed it is taking about 10+ minutes after turn on before the air is really cold.  The air is cooler than room after a minute, but still in the 60s for awhile and eventually gets down to about 50.

    Also, as it is getting colder, the air from the side closest to compressor is noticably cooler, but eventually everything gets cold.

    Any ideas, could it just need "freon" recharge?


  4. 2 hours ago, Old Glock guy said:

    Curious how other NJ residents are dealing with the sales tax issue in acquiring PM's?

    Wait, what????

    Comrade Murphy wants 7% up front, then he will want a CG cut when I sell?  I guess I should have expected it in NJ.

  5. 36 minutes ago, oldguysrule649 said:

    Am already "invested" in copper, brass, and lead; but In the last few weeks I myself have become intrigued with the idea of purchasing some gold and silver as a starting hedge against some future SHTF  financial situation.  So I dove into the PM pool so to speak.  For now,  just putting my toe/foot into the water. My intent is to hold on to whatever I buy and keep it indefinitely and pass it down to our children. So my time horizon is infinite.   Am in the process of purchasing several Credit Suisse and Valcambi 1oz gold bars (New with assay) and several Sunshine Mint 10oz silver bars(with Mintmark SI authentication).  I am getting them from JM Bullion.  They seem to be one of a number of well known reputable online dealers based on the research I did.  (SD Bullion and APMEX were also on my list.).  They only had stock of these items intermittently,  so my purchases are spread across a number of separate orders, two of which have arrived so far.  The remaining items should be arriving next week.  Feels great to have physical possession of them.  I anticipate adding to my inventory over time.  I also plan to check out local coin shops, learn what they have to offer, and further educate myself.

    One of the Youtube channels I subscribe to is City Prepping.  He had an excellent video on precious metals from a SHTF prepping perspective.  This link to it is:  









    Thanks. I'm in a similar position, but have not yet acquired any PM.

  6. 36 minutes ago, Sniper said:

    One reason, there are tons more paper sold than available physical. If many people decide they want their physical in hand, the funds wouldn't be able to deliver it all, as it doesn't exist. Just like lead/brass, if you don't hold it, you don't own it.



    But doesn't the paper give you exposure to an asset that acts like the PM? At least until the apocalypse comes?

  7. 44 minutes ago, Bomber said:

    Personally, I prefer physical PM's to be in my possession.  A case can be made for having it stored outside the banking system but I'm not familiar with the details. 

    Keep in mind a roll of 20 American Gold Eagles (almost $40,000) can fit in a front pocket.

    I can understand that. I have the same feeling, but part of that is based on the apocalypse scenario, where a gold or silver ETF is but going to help you.

    OTOH I would want to make sure my insurance is going to cover that roll of Eagles too.

  8. 1 hour ago, Bomber said:

    As a hedge against dollar devaluation and inflation.

    Diversified stock portfolios, cryptos are fine as well but a percentage should be in physical PM's.  

    But why physical PM vs owning it through a holding company or fund that would but and store and maintain the metal for you. Can't you get the same exposure that route?

  9. 28 minutes ago, Bomber said:

    We're not going to barter trade or mad max scenarios. 

    What is certain is the dollar is losing value and could lose its reserve currency status one day. If that happens people are going get a painful lesson in the value of PM's verses fiat paper currencies.  

     Physical gold and silver holdings protect wealth in these situations. 

    Seems like a diversified portfolio of stock in companies with international exposure, REITs, maybe some foreign currency bonds, and maybe PMs (indirectly) and crypto would be a better strategy. Why would one own physical PM other than the MadMax option?

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  10. 4 hours ago, Old Glock guy said:

    There are a lot of reasons to hold gold and sliver, these being among them.  The problem with gold is that one ounce coins or bars contain so much value, that it would be hard to spend them as a barter medium in a case where the currency collapses.  Many people advocate owning bags of 90% silver pre-1964 U.S. coins for the potential of using them for smaller purchases.  The biggest problem with silver that I see is that after you start to accumulate a decent amount, it gets pretty damn heavy and nearly impossible to tote around. 

    Another huge problem I have discovered is that the State of NJ charges sales tax on precious metal purchases, so one would need to add nearly 7% to the cost of owning it, on top of the premium, or around an additional $100 on an ounce of gold.  I believe this makes the cost prohibitive, unless you can have it shipped out of state somewhere, or held in the vault of a reliable seller. 

    Valcambi produces various sizes of what they call a combi-bar. 100*1g, 50*1, 20*1

    Where you can snap off one gram at a time.


  11. 10 hours ago, Sniper said:

    It's really speculation if you'll be able to do anything with silver/gold when Mad Max arrives. Some people think it's the only way to go. But think about it, will the grocery store or gas station take your silver coins for payment? If things get that bad that it's considered, I think we'll have a lot bigger issues to deal with.

    Which is why, so far, my PMs consist of lead and brass.  In a MadMax scenario I think these will hold value just based on utility.

    And if things get bad, but not MadMax bad, maybe having a mix of PMs + crypto as a hedge...

  12. So by buying eagles, maple leafs etc. at large premium to spot, vs buying say .999 silver shot, at a lower per oz? Because the coins are essentially self authenticating?

  13. Besides lead and  brass. What type/amount of physical metal do people keep or would like to keep? Not as investment but as a store of value for a near apocalypse?  And Gold vs silver vs other options?

    And what about online purchase? Legit/honest online sellers.

    Also I noticed a pretty large variation in silver prices/markup over spot based on the form, like certain coins seem to draw huge markups. I would think that when selling, the buyer is not going to care about an American Eagle vs a silver bar. 


  14. 4 hours ago, father-of-three said:

    No big surprise in that both New Jersey senators are sponsors of the bill.

    Even though Feinstein introduces a similar bill  every year, there's more democrat traction this year.  Given that Republicans are better at being the minority, I hope they make the filibuster work.

    Hoping that Machine and Sinema have the backbone to stand against this, or at least stand against eliminating the filibuster rule.

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  15. Move to ocean county.  My GP is great, she was pushing HCX when we saw her last June.  And in January telling us DO NOT GET THE VACCINE!

    And my wife's former Ob/Gyn wrote a note when PD had questions about a medical condition for her FPID approval. They wouldn't approve without a doctor's note! Had nothing to do with his specialty, but he didn't care, just asked what guns she was going to buy, and wrote a note saying it would not affect her ability to safely handle a gun.


  16. I have the 92FS and I love it, great gun.  I did not know about the .22 conversion kit, but based on a quick search it looks pretty good.  Quick and easy to swap and I couldn't find a negative review so far. I will consider getting this for cheaper target shooting.

    And welcome to the forum

  17. I just acquired a new AR (Modern Materiel, built up in Keyport, NJ) and noticed the manual stated to use only brass cased ammo, built to SAAMI spec.  Is there any reason not to run non-brass (e.g. Steel)? Could it cause damage?  What would be their rationale to put that in the manual?


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