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  1. Can we give the Polish a Win... They get a bad rap
  2. Its possible.... I just find it interesting that it started right after it closed to the public.
  3. Couple things... She was polish he was from the late 1800's I would admit the Old french were great... They helped us fight the brits... The new french are shitbags.
  4. I dont watch Porno's... I dont know who they are
  5. They make great wine (so does CA) and Fries Other then that..... They are useless
  6. Man caught with 2 gas cans entering St. Patrick's Cathedral in NYC, police say https://www.foxnews.com/us/st-patricks-cathedral-new-york-city
  7. This is the reason i think it should be done with private donations... It is a church and should remain so. Im sure there are some that would be more than happy to remove its religious history.
  8. BTW.. i still find this fire suspicious.. I doubt we will ever know truly what happened... Just to easy to blame a short circuit.
  9. Fuck the french... Notre Dame was in need of major improvements for many years and the French Government refused to help due to its refusal to give funding on religious projects. The church ignored it as well except they started fundraising for the needed repairs. The people of France are now sad it burned down?? Where the fuck were they over the last few years when fundraising was being conducted to do much needed improvements to the cathedral... No where.... the vast majority of donations came from the American people not the french... They are secular and refused to donate to a catholic cathedral. Now that it burned down they all jump in as if they really care... Most do not. The french Government only now wants to help as they realized they lost a major tourist attraction.
  10. Just throwing this out... You can sandwich the joist between 1/4 Inch full length steel plates and bolt them together... That's what we are going to do in the basement on the main laminate beam so we can remove the center column.
  11. We did alot of work for private builders. Mta (subway reconstruction and station) along with working with the school construction authority. We got out of fabrication and erection business about 10 years ago when my dad retired and now only manufacture products for the steel industry. Ie manufacture corrugated structural steel deck. Steel Risers and threads. Base plates etc etc another issue was fabricated steel coming in from Canada.
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